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  • Together in Erinn

    ViciFlame wrote: »
    May I suggest implementation of last/family names so first names can be kept?

    What do you mean by this? Adding last names help add a unique identifiers. Other mmos do it and it works just fine.
  • Real Money Trading Enforcement Update

    You know one feature that may help? is to have the auction board give set prices for individual items, and possibly allow the ability to lower items (set item value caps.)

    People also ideally aren't suppose to be making money off the game. Especially since it's free to play, that kills it for regular players. And due to people wanting to make money, there is then the need to raise values of items for profit.

    It is also funny due to the fact that as people earn more gold in the economy, as Adeno said, the prices can go as high as the economy can deal. It is counter productive, all that's changed is the scale of value, and in the end the only difference is that there is now increased time needed to be invested. This is akin to tank mobs with increased hp, same damage and attacks are dealt- it just takes longer to chew through, where instead it would be better to make their attacks more versatile (for example, they could have strong thunder, random evasion, weak counter, strong or weak combos, etc.)

    Also...present population is an issue that has some affect as well.