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  • G24 Part 1 Boss Baros Needs Nerf BADLY

    okay let me go through each one of these

    1. i am total 14k i am aware the game cant be 2 easy but there is a point to were i have to say the boss is BS all im honestly asking is either slow down its movement speed
    as it was BEFORE since we did fight Balor in the past and he was NOT this fast its like someone cranked up his speed to 11 slow it down and give it some more hp and keep the damage i dont care but atleast give players a chance to maneuver around a large threat not start the mission and within 3 seconds of him seeing you *DEAD* techniques are rank 6-7 as i cant go higher as the crystals to do those upgrades are 2 expensive and i cannot afford them

    3.enchanting has the problem of 1 it can ruin your armor or delete it so i have been extremely worried of enchanting as a F2P player
    losing a 40m piece of armor is not an option for me and 2 enchant protection is 10m each i cant just drop that kind of gold easy
    when trieng to work on red upg 6 and reforges which are another nightmare on its own rights

    4.this one about the mana shield i wasnt aware of and will be looking into it for sure so thank you for that one and personally i dont like
    magic in mabinogi i have tried getting into it several times but i cant get into it, it simply agitates me i do have 1k int but i honestly cant care
    for magic i do use mana shield however so it is a big help to know that one

    5.urg is simply not an option for how much of a grind it is and im talking about dual wielding celtics sorry should have been more clear on that one
    so that is my mistake and i plan on getting it to urg 25 with the crystal but im not bothering spending 130m on clothes by a dan 3 player i would rather just not bother for only a little bit more damage its not worth the price personally cuz as you mentioned its better to work on enchanting

    6. catering is something i had not considered but will need to be looked into so thank you


    as for you quite frankly i get your point i really do but in actuality if people are complaining there are 2 types one who simply complains to complain and one who is
    wanting to sit down and speak the facts of what he believes is an unfair experience to everyone involved? no i dont personally think so

    thank you bolth for commenting i understand this seems to be another "ME SO ANGRY WAHH" but honestly i grind that fight for 55 minutes pushing the time as
    hard as i could to really fight to the bitter end of that boss just to have it slap me in the face of how god awful it is personally if you had an easier time fantastic please write out how you defeated this boss so that others can like @Lutetiem did but i still hold my belief that this boss is a bit extreme on how a boss should act since it breaks all
    the rules of engagement of mabinogi however many bosses have lately but they atleast kept 1 of the rules this one has none of them

    thank you for your time reading and hope your all having a wonderful weekend