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  • @shadowami i also agree they should allow people to work together i mean this is an MMORPG if you have friends who want to help you do it, it should always be an option for bosses to have people help you
  • @Lutetiem okay let me go through each one of these 1. i am total 14k i am aware the game cant be 2 easy but there is a point to were i have to say the boss is BS all im honestly asking is either slow down its movement speed as it was BEFORE sin…
  • Fluorette wrote: » I don't believe the housing board has been updated since. From my understanding (and I'm not too sure if this is completely true), the team of devs that worked on much of the older content in game have all left and the newer tea…
  • asnscorpio wrote: » I think the poster is saying that if the person wants to sell it at the highest price avail, then do so. Otherwise it should be auctioned at the desired price or higher. No sense to post at the maximum price if they already h…
  • @fluorette Then that completely makes the housing board useless in context does it not? Why does a system that should sell people items allow a price you cant sell due to a limit in it to begin with? All i am asking is that they make it to were peop…
  • Then i will type like this from now on @greta and this was my first forum post so i didnt know how to post a picture on here. At any rate its still not enjoyable to see all these items going for sale that you cant buy for 9,99,999 and would prefe…
  • A Very Easy Way To Defeat This Boss Is To Do This Bash Out Its HP Enough And Do Enough Wounding Damage To Mitigate The Regen, When It Tries To Use Shadow Spirit On You, You Can Glitch The Skill Mount Up Your Pet BEFORE It Hits And Then De-Summon Th…