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  • A little too much ptw ?

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    Woops, havent checked prices lately, muh bad.

    And on the subject of "Shouldn't be so close to Langu/Bhafel", how long has L&B been in the game for? Other armors are going to reach their tier sooner or later, pretending that its unfair that a gacha item catches up to it years after its been out is being silly. This not only lets newer players obtain the armor, it paves the way for better armor sets and equips to be craftable later on. No one ever crafted a celtic crossbow only to go "I'm glad this will never be gacha'd or a better bow come out", because it's silly to think that they won't appear after awile. No one stays at the very best gear score forever, unless they're...actively playing and earning gold to buy the better stuff.

    You also can't say the broad brush thing without at least offering a counterpoint. If the broad brush is true, then there's nothing wrong with painting with it. You can be wary of the precedent, but it's downright being foolish if you're gonna call this encroachment when the armor isn't even that amazing and L&B have been out for literal years. Unless you legitimately thought celtic royal was as good as we're ever getting in terms of gear, in which I got bad news for you...sooner or later we're gonna have to erg up a new, better set of gear. Just like how we switched from demonic to celtic in the first place, it's not encroachment if years later the bar's raised on gear score.

    tldr; I feel bad for people with spirit weapons.
    Yeah the traits that gives tons of defense and another that gives protection is nice it's going to be something that players will have to work for the rank as it require stuff other than ap to rank. Anything that adds content to the game that is not limited and locked behind a paywall is good.

    Also speaking of gear treadmills people grind gear so they can do harder content(you know see and do more in the game) which is very simple game progression it also helps teach mechanics lets player feel out what they want to do/how they want build their character . I think one of the many things that upset people was not just the stats of the gear but the its "method of obtaining". Cash shop power creep can make a lot of content obsolete which makes less things worth doing. Their are people who would rather work for their gear and people would rather pay gold or cash for it.

    Why spend time running for gear enchants and materials to make gear when gach will hand out equivalent gear. There is just is little motivation for players do nothing but a select few bits content and just wait till gach releases better and better gear. The big issue is not that gear is top tier but good enough so that most people would rather get gear that comes from the cash shop then farm or grind in-game.

    "tldr; I feel bad for people with spirit weapons."
    1000% AGREE! I would also love more spirit weapon types like staffs and chain heck maybe even instrument egos!
  • A little too much ptw ?

    I think Astoram perfectly summed up what I wanted to say. Which is if you keep shoving stronger and stronger gear in gachapon whats the point in running dungeons and going through the hassle of enchanting when you have easy access to per-enchanted rank 1 reforged gear with stats on pair with that of some of the hardest armor to make and one of a kind set effects. I think you guys miss the point of it not being the best potential armor but it being good enough make most thing are obsolete. The power creep will just keep on going till they will start handout better and better gear items in gachapons and adding less and less content in-game that will be worth doing.