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  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Jinshou
    Server: Alexina

    Sometimes it's hard being the Milletian

    "It's not my fault!" I burst out.

    Walter raised an eyebrow. All the Dunbarton regulars were there, to address this social outrage - which again, wasn't my fault.

    "Everyone saw it," Eavan said. "You were alone, in the middle of the square; and then suddenly your clothes disappeared. And you just stood there, as if nothing had happened."

    "Is it a trend among Milletians?" Glenis asked, smiling. "When I was young, I did things to impress a certain someone -"

    My face felt hot. "No! Glenis, I can explain." Through the crowd - gods, why are they all here? Isn't there anything else to do in Dunbarton? - I spotted the magic teacher and dragged him forward. "Here, Stewart - help me clarify."

    "Why me?" His face was as red as his robes. "I've never been publicly indecent, thank you-"

    I wanted to punch him. "You're familiar with magical contracts, right?"

    He nodded. "An exchange for the use of some ability, or service."

    "That's it - I made a contract with a being of great power. Almost godlike." The most powerful god in Erinn, I thought.

    "Does it have a name?" he seemed just curious now, but the others looked unconvinced.

    "It looks like a strange cat," I said cautiously, "with unusual eyes. It casts an illusion that lets me wear anything without losing durability. But it lasts just three years, and sometimes it disappears when I'm... not here, in my body." Floating away, drifting through a different world.

    "Milletian clothing is expensive to repair," Simon mused. "I understand why an illusion would be useful. But in the future... wear a robe underneath, hmm?" He paused. "Maybe a pink robe, to match your pink pan-"

    "Simon!!" Everyone was laughing now as I covered my face in embarrassment.

    ...Sometimes, it's hard being the Milletian.

  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    IGN: Jinshou
    Server: Alexina

    Fun in the sun at the new beach in Mag Mell! A picnic before going into the dungeon, for good luck!

    Oh no, somebody passed out from the heat.. or maybe it's the giant bear pinning them to the ground.

    Always capture your fun moments on film or video!

    Huge thanks to my guild for helping me get such nice pictures <3
    There were too many, so here's an extra:
  • Pet Paradise Homestead Design Contest

    IGN: Jinshou
    Server: Alexina

    I have to agree with Elluan - more Homestead expansions please when?! I recently committed to a Hot Springs/Spa feel with the Warm Hot spring gachapon. I wish there were more Vales-friendly releases!
    Upon entry you are met with a bridge over a pond surrounded by lush trees and flowers. Going straight ahead leads to the hot springs; to the left is an shaded area with benches for relaxing with friends, and to the right are the stables.

    Hot spring waters are very beneficial after a long day of work. This area is also where the Pet Expedition board is located; where my pets start their adventures! A small fluffy cushion is nearby for my cats and fairies to rest up, surrounded by a small army of figures tending to their needs.

    To the left is the shaded park area. It's laid out to be nice and cozy, with the weeping wisteria flowers filtering out harsh sunlight. The host gets to sit in the throne, while a raised chair is on the left-hand side for the 'appreciation' of any special guests that visit.

    Lamp posts and giant sakura trees abound, even around the stable. When not on a mission, the stables are occupied by my gang of pink horses. Reno and Vay are nearby to help look after them.

    For larger pets, they have a patch of grass to the left side of the springs. Only one pet can rest at a time, so my huge fluffy sheep has the spot all to himself. Sometimes I take naps in the sweet-smelling carefully handpicked, blade by blade grass as well.

    Bonus pic (not part of the entry):
    A hot spring is good, but for deep-seated aches and pains, there's nothing better than a steamy bath in glowing green water sprinkled with rose petals. This area is tucked behind the house and a screen of trees for a little bit of privacy. Large enough to swim in, I say- or invite company over. uwu
  • Ornament Making Contest SUBMISSIONS

    Whoever it is who keeps putting the noodle on the mabi twitter, you know who you are
    but don't stop

    IGN: Jinshou
    Server: Alexina

    image referenced for background: Adrien Olichon on Unsplash
  • Book of the Returned [Jinshou @Alexina] UPDATE

    messing around in FireAlpaca. I always had suspicions about Lly's reading material- he's way too focused on that thing for it to be actual history and spells. I also have a Twitter now > @jinshou5