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  • Event Suggestion: Make use of Festia

    I don't use Festia much at all, but I think some more hands-on events would change that for me. I don't necessarily mind the afk events but they certainly don't make me excited to play, so they don't make me very likely to stick around the game after the event is over. At this point player retention is super important and I personally don't think afk events are the way to do that. It might get people logging in but it's not gonna get them excited to continue playing.

    As for fetch quest events I personally hardly ever participate in them if there isn't another layer to them or a reward that I really really really want but don't think I can buy. I don't want to feel like I'm logging in to do my daily chores.
  • Note/Message Notifications

    Not only are notes are missed, but canceling chat threads after disconnect is also inconvenient.
    I think upgrading that will also help.

    YES. My wireless can be really spotty sometimes due to renovations/construction happening in my apartment complex, so it's happened multiple times that I walk away from the computer to do something, get a pm from a friend, and then disconnect and never know. They've always just assumed I was AFK but I hate the possibility of someone thinking I ignored them
  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    I've been a forum lurker for a gazillion years but I finally actually set a forum name to my account to verbalize support for this. Honestly I hardly use my elf and probably wouldn't personally benefit at all, but it's ridiculous that this is even still an issue for people that DO want the option. There's no way that adding a few skin color options is a difficult implement, and it would mean a lot to people.