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  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    Habimaru wrote: »

    I'm going to drop this because you have zero idea what you're talking about. You're sitting here talking about how tech missions work when you can't even run them, let alone elite where strategy matters. Things like stacking RI and support shot to clear zombie hallway, and you also mentioned a lack of aggro control yet tenacious taunt exists as a skill, shuriken auto attacks with divine link change aggro, there's a lot. As another testament to my point, when g9 came out tail missions weren't harder than tara and on top of that shadow wizard was also harder than bft2. You have an inflated ego assuming you were the only one smart enough to be able to run bft2. If demonizing me as an elitist p2w player helps you deal with being irrelevant running outdated content go for it I'm not going to bother replying.
  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    Habimaru wrote: »
    Cautious Hero. Yes, the «clear-time» might not be as fast as it would be if I'd just wrecklessly charge into the middle, but, why would I want to do that, when I can «show-case» to everyone what «old-school tactics/strategy» was all about ? We already see plenty of everyone rushing to charge in and one-shot AoE-OHKO everything these days anyway. Time to re-live a few memories of when you actually had to think to survive and yet still be able to clear the mission before the time ran out. Does this all sound satisfactory to you ?

    Old school tactics? You mean things like "Quick everybody push it into a corner and spam windmill" or "I'll firebolt it then when it hits my defense you smash it" all that is, is rose tinted goggle nonsense. It's also funny that this opinion seems to be shared by people who can't run elite tech missions, do you know the amount of things you need to do and keep track of in elite Seven nightmares? Things like using anchor rush to I-frame the waves of damage or having one person group mobs without dying? No you don't know this because you're stuck in nostalgia from when shadow wizard elite was the hardest content the game had to offer. In revived illusion every time you die, balor gets buffed it can hit the point where he becomes impossible to kill, so you can't just "run in and aoe ohko everything" because dying sets everyone else back.

    I don't care if you can't run this to show a comparison. I do care that you're basically saying you understand game balance because you'll run content that's outdated by 5+ years as if it was a measure to current content. Your whole post just reads "Back in my day we had to walk uphill both ways through the snow" and you can't even show off what is currently the harder content because you'd time out on the mission before clearing it.
  • So, Lets talk Veteran dungeons...

    Greta wrote: »
    Players: We want ________!
    Nexon: *actually gives what players asked*
    Players: REEEE! This update is bad!
    Nexon: BRUH.

    Maybe if this is what people asked for sure, but it's not like you even play the game to understand that.
  • Gems, Junk, & Egos - Cost Efficiency

    feeding it rolling pins from food trucks is 20m to cap exp a week if you don't mind getting arthritis
  • Premium/VIP Update is Finally Almost Here

    Wow and it only took them almost a year!

    With this removing one of the few gold sinks in the game, prepare yourself for more MASSIVE amounts of inflation, and the auction house being entirely dead for anything over 1m.