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  • Name change? Where is it?

    Maia wrote: »
    Maia wrote: »
    Yombo wrote: »
    What annoys me is that they didn't already have the name change ready to go with the merge. So that means they felt the merge had to happen sooner rather than later even though the name change wasn't ready. Probably not a good sign.

    Who's to say they didn't have the name change system ready? Unforeseen problems happen. I'm just happy the servers don't have to be down the entire time and that the unforeseen problem didn't lose items, data, or make the game actually unplayable.

    Do you have an ugly tag on your name?

    Cause it F*****G SUCKS.

    Yes I do and unlike you, I'll never be able to change it.

    All that I said still applies. I'm just happy the game is up and running. I'm loving the events and the new generation. The activity is boss too so overall, very successful merge imo.

    Why will you never be able to change it?
  • Name Changes

    All I know is that they told us to "keep an eye on the main page" for when the name change coupon would be available and that was weeks ago now before the new update. I'm good and tired of the +Mari names. I don't even care about keeping my original name anymore, I just want a normal name again lol
  • NaO SeRveR PoPUlaTIon WiLL bE SimILaR tO aLeXiNA

    Wlia wrote: »
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    Alshian wrote: »
    -snipping for space saving-
    Pardon my Wall of text, I have much to say <3
    Fair enough. I definitely agree that the game's late game content is basically a stone wall. Even someone like me who's got thousands of hours poured in is basically unable to do anything besides shadow missions and the occasional HM dungeon for a challenge that isn't one shot city.

    To be honest, I definitely blame Mabi for it's lack of content that the average Joe can handle and the absurd pay to win armor sets (and other massive BS crap that I could complain about for hours), I just get a little annoyed seeing people stand around trying to look pretty while I'm holding open a party asking for just 1 other person to drop me into rescue the scout and the only response I get back is some cutsey idle animation.

    all call those
    AFK show off statues xD
    always allot of them everywhere xD

    My guild always called them "Fashinogi's" because they care more about the outfits than the gameplay but I like AFK show-off statues a lot more. They're everywhere atm, but 2 days ago the servers were all full or busy and now there's only 3 that are like that, making it a lot easier to log on ever since they added the extra 3 channels. I think having 10 channels saved Nao's life.

    In a little bit of a defense of idle players, sometimes I'm "just standing around" while I have a chat open with a guild member or friend elsewhere, or I see a party that needs help but I have to leave for work in a bit so I don't actually have the time to help even though I'm standing right there.

    Wasn't there an event a few years back, where to help combat the rise of bots and fake accounts, they gave us all bombs to blow up AFK characters? But something not as drastic since these aren't bots. Then again, as long as there are events that reward you for "log on time" there are always going to be people just standing around and probably no penalty for AFKers. Most games kick you back to the log in screen if you're idle for too long to save space for the players actually playing on the servers/channels.
  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    Not to gear towards off topic, but does anyone play Overwatch? Because maybe Mabinogi doesn't need to get away with the lootboxes completely, but just change their mechanics.

    I stopped buying them in Mabi because I was tired of opening box after box and getting nothing but repeat dyes and "worthless" outfits. But back to OW, when this law was first presented, they changed the winning percentage in their loot boxes that reduced the chances of duplicates so that it counted less as "gambling." So that instead of a player opening 5 boxes and getting the same 5 skins they've already won, they'll get something different each time.

    Mabinogi is drastically different in gameplay and with the gatcha options, so of course it won't work exactly the same. The chance of duplicate dyes and items will probably always be there just because of how many more different options there are when it comes to items/outfits/dyes and probably no way to check them all before a gatcha opens. But maybe giving the rare outfits a 25% chance instead of a 5% chance or having less filler items in the boxes could help keep hope alive in getting our money worth.

    And the rest of it seems like politics and morals that are out of our hands.
  • Market discord for your convenience!

    Thank you for taking the time to do this! The marketplace is absolute chaos and it'll help so much