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  • Tara SM Tradable Elite Passes Are Bugged

    The stackable, tradable Elite Tara Shadow Mission passes appear to have been misaligned and now register for the wrong Shadow Missions. This bug only occurs for the tradable Tara Elite passes [ie Elite Pass - The Other Alchemist (Tradable)] that comes from previous events (Old Fish Trap from the Ice Fishing Event) and gacha.

    When we have the aforementioned pass in our inventory and select the mission, the notification that we do not have the pass appears, as shown below:

    However, the wrong passes work for the wrong missions:

    This was tested with other players with the same bugs occurring. It doesn't affect the Tailteann Shadow Missions.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention that this is an issue happening in Alexina Server.
  • Benzene Art Commissions [GOLD/ERG MATS] (Alexina)

    Here are some recent personal sketches!

  • Benzene Art Commissions [GOLD/ERG MATS] (Alexina)

    Imaizumi wrote: »
    IGN: Wakasagihime
    Sketch Type: Headshot

    A )
    B )

    1 )
    2 )
    3 )
    4 )

    Additional Info:
    -Please draw her similar or close to one of the Pose references~ Feel free to choose, as I like them all!
    -For her emotion, please do something similar to what is in the Pose reference you chose, or something you think that fits; otherwise I'll try my best to provide input if you still need some c:
    -If her hands are visible in the piece for any reason, then please refer to Reference Character B. Give her appropriate colored nail polish and add open finger leather bits to her gloves

    You can contact me here, in game, or DM me on twitter @freakatt4ker
    Will mail you the payment if you approve of the form~

    Thank you!

    Headshot commission completed for Imaizumi!
  • Happy Holidays Postcard Contest

    IGN: Imlilnikki
    Server: Alexina

    He sees you when you're sleeping...he knows when you're awake...
    Something is very strange with Santa and his um...Little Helper this holiday.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Imlilnikki
    Server: Alexina


    “Captain, did you find something?” Logan glanced warily at the Milletian’s back. Their shoulders stiffened slightly and he sighed. He had seen them walk a distance away, crouch, and then attempt to walk back to Dunbarton without waiting for him.

    “Captain,” he started, “I’m grateful that you decided to accompany me on this mission to investigate these…reports. But, well, you seem distracted. Have you been sleeping properly?”

    The Milletian turned slightly, their arms held in front of them instead of at their sides. “Yeah. Yes. The mission.” They jerked their head back to the ground and appeared to mutter into their shirt.

    “Locals claimed they witnessed portals appearing all along the southern path and,” the squire checked the debriefing, “giant dogs leaping out of them.”


    He checked the report again. “Yes, dogs.”

    “Are you sure they didn’t switch the D and G around?”

    Logan frowned and approached his Captain. “Whether they’re gods or dogs from another dimension, it’s up to us, the Divine Knights to protect Erinn from otherworldly beings.” He paused. “And I suppose it’s the job of squires like me to investigate.”

    Hearing Logan’s footsteps behind them, the Milletian straightened up. “Of course. We have to⁠—"


    Logan stopped in his tracks. “Captain?”

    The Milletian’s shoulders folded in some more. “Yippee…?”

    Logan walked up to his Captain and looked over their shoulder. A furry head poked out from their shirt and barked at him.

    “Captain, is that…a dog?”

    “I’m keeping him.”


    “His name is Wizarf. No, Barktholomew.”

    “He might be the dog we’re looking for.”

    The Milletian scoffed. “He can’t be. He’s so small.”

    The corgi slipped out from their grasp and trotted in a circle. The dog barked once and grew four sizes.

    “Alright. I take that back. He’s a big boy.”