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  • Romantic Farm Clearing Ticket PLUS Package

    Crimsọn wrote: »
    Homesteads are getting another expansion! 4th, 5th, and 6th stages! More space confirmed:

    This is exciting news! I love decorating my homestead, but everything is getting so crowded. This is just what I have been waiting for - thank you so much for sharing this Crimson!
    Negumiko wrote: »
    a lot of players are running out of space on their homesteads and I am the type of player that rarely moves or removes any homestead prop once I like the way it looks. this update is definitely needed for some players but it is not going to solve the main problem, sooner or later our homesteads will just fill back up again and we will have the same problem. how can the homestead system be improved for the better?

    - more expansions (which we are finally getting).
    - bandit homesteads (cause most of us want them).
    - a homestead neighbor system (similar to the family tree system allowing a few homesteads to be neighbors and share some resources to save space).
    - Guild Homesteads (so players will be able to gather herbs, mushrooms, and more without these items taking up space on their personal homestead).

    just adding more space will never permanently solve the issue cause we are getting tons of homestead items from events and gacha. players need some sort of guild homestead or some option to just get a second homestead to get rid of the countless homestead props we keep getting.

    One of the things I really loved with the housing system in MapleStory 2 was that they had a feature enabling us to save our house (i.e., homestead) layout. We could have up to 5 different house layouts saved, and we could switch between them at any time simply by loading a saved template. The beauty of this was that you could have several different themed layouts on hand at any given time, so you didn't need to reinvent the wheel every time you wanted to use a layout you had previously created before (e.g., no need to redo that Halloween homestead, Christmas homestead, cherry blossom forest, summer paradise, etc. that you spent so long designing before and really want to use again). You could easily just switch between your layouts desired. If you didn't have all the housing items available that you did when you originally created the layout, you were prompted to buy them (if purchasable) or it just loaded and left a space where the unavailable items would have been.

    I would love to see this feature in Mabinogi, but it may not even be something they can implement with the current system. But at least more space gives us more room to make themed areas in our homesteads. I can't wait!!

  • AUD Karma Koin to NX conversion rate?

    I have recently purchased NX in Australia using both Karma Koin card and Paypal. Here is the relevant information:

    - A $50 Karma Koin Card (purchased in store at JB HiFi on 20/06/20) added 35,000 prepaid NX (700 NX per AUD $1).
    - 50,000 NX credit purchased via PayPal cost $75.75 AUD + $2.21 International Transaction Fee on 03/07/20 (approx 641 NX per AUD $1).

    I hope this helps!