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  • Why was the maintenence 2 hours earlier than usual

    Sheena wrote: »
    I will just blame the outdated engine... The slightest change can make the whole thing to melt into a black hole with the density of a galaxy made of walnuts.

    I was going to say that, but there's no point because Nexon will never spend their whale money on remaking the game in a new engine. They'd much rather make crappy mobile games for more MTX revenue.
  • Naco commerce event

    Nexon can't make one quality event these days. And they keep bringing back the worst ones too. What happened to Iria treasure hunt? The treasure box event? The 4th of july boxes? The events that got you good stuff without you having to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on the game?

    It really sickens me to see the developers continue to let this game drown when KR and JP seem to have their s*** together just fine. I've played this game for 10 years and I've watched it continue to slip down the hole. New promotions along side every single event is really starting to get on my nerves.

    What I really wish the devs would do is stop making updates altogether for a couple years and just run their dumb promotions in the mean time so they can update the game to an entirely new engine. But you know, that'll never happen. Lol

    Edit: a server merge would be nice too, but all the whales would kill each other because they're not the biggest fashionogi anymore which Nexon is scared of them ragequitting and losing money.