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  • Official Outfits/Items/Etc Suggestion Thread

    I loooove reading through this thread! It's nice to see the archive of everyone that has participated, as well as some of the items that have come back from players' wishlists!
    Thank you for all the suggestions, everyone!
  • Purr-ilous Adventure Pet Boxes!


    Hello Milletians! ❤

    Put your paws together for the release of this purrfect pet!! You may have caught a sneak peak from our official Content Preview Stream (link to video), but we're here to deliver the details in this meowment!

    Make sure to check out all details here:
    Purr-ilous Adventure Pet Box

    We ALSO have a promotional video just for the occasion!

    Please share your feedback about the updates here in this thread! I'm excited to read all about your thoughts! ❤
  • max skill training exp bug

    This is absolutely a peculiar thing to happen, and the first instance I've seen this since being a CM for Mabinogi...
    Thank you for this report!! I'll see what I can do, but I also might urge you to send in a Player Support Ticket if it hinders you at all, as well. ❤
  • Please let Ukrainians play!

    Hii y'all! Thank you for @ing me in this matter!
    @DeathXcore I recognize this is a tough topic, and I agree that it should be transparent from game to game. There shouldn't be differences for Mabinogi and MapleStory, though some regions' rules and regulations will ban and prohibit games like Mabinogi or MapleStory.
    I've forwarded this issue to my team, and sent it MapleStory's way!
    If you haven't already, I'd also recommend you join MapleStory's Official Discord ( and reach out to CM Veeraah or CM Ezrabell. They may be able to tell you more specifics JUST for MapleStory!
  • Special Hyperspace Aurora Suit (F)

    Eep thanks for letting me know! I'll forward this to my team.
    I know this outfit in particular has quite a few issues graphically... but nontheless, looks really lovely in your deep red colour!