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  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    I'm not coming back on different accounts, and why as I said I'm just curious seeing as how this turned out.

    My guess is that nexon staff and vfms are leaving this up to let you continue this for something though they probably wouldn't tell us that's for sure and idk what your goal is either.
  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    You two are weird you say you'll quit, well Greta said she'll mostly quit. Gaea seems to be the only one.

    As for you hardmuscle I don't understand. You should of already deleted your account and you said I'll be on my way out mutiple times saying ng I'm quitting in so and so hours or soon but yet you're still here it's like asking for a ban. Not saying the ban would be justified but at this point you're asking for it lol , going by the logic you say the mod has against you at least.
  • So where are the Re:Zero appearance scrolls?


    Care to provide proof other than just claiming?
  • Alt abuse on Attendance Event

    @FayeKaiba you do realize neither one side is innocent right? I don't like the bat*** crazy witch hunts these threads create either but people like KelpSoda,Pan,Animemabi and Nearvoush came and trolled the thread long before Toon ( I'm NOT saying Toon trolled either he actually took time to make critques other than "y'all sjws").

    If you're going to critize one side for being toxic you have to critize both.
  • "New and Powerful Enchants"

    @Finity what you are asking for is exclusive content basically since no internet cafes like this exist for NA players
    VIP or some p2w feature that straight up allows 100% non gold repair.
    Mabi NA is not as proftible as other nexon Western titles so getting this excluive content would most likely not go through with main HQ

    People have been telling you, that you do not need these absurd enchants to win against 97% of the games content, AGIAN you do NOT NEED the absolute strongest stuff to win in this game most of the time and even then it only really matters in things like girg raids vhm