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July 31, 1997
  • Why did you turn on the servers on early

    "takes the time to do all this stuff for all their alts, then they deserve all those chances at the instant prizes."
    literally the worst statement in Gacha and lottery industry

    say, a lottery company give 3 tries to each customer to try the lottery machine, one of them try to make fake several identities and get several more tries to get better chance to get the prize of lottery, if the other customer heard about this, there would be an outrage

    it is no longer about lucky winner, it is about cheating the mechanic, not effort
  • 10th Anniversary Celebration Part 1

    what's the point of making these hs item super rare in that box?
    it is already hidden behind RNG and another RNG
  • FINALLY after a decade of waiting (KR spoilers)

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Omnicity wrote: »
    I'm disappointed that the r1 Rest poses aren't the ones that were seen on the wiki before the page was edited.

    I had that spoiled for me a bit earlier than this update, here.

    If you do the Lorraine's Nightmare minigame in festia, you can purchase skill upgrades to your RP self to get Rank 1 Rest in there right now.
    And no relaxing animation, of course. :C

    Can do it for other skills too, like Campfire, but of course they don't act like the post-update versions, with Incense burning for Campfire or Mana regen for Rest or AoE for First Aid.

    I kind of wish they had purchasable style options, maybe activate through an item in the invo, that will change what the rest animation looks like. Then make a bunch of customizable rest poses. Lets be honest, there are already a lot of rank and clothing specific rest poses; would it be so hard to adapt that to something you can access without having to equip something?

    I mean.... chairs do exactly that....Maybe have "chairs" that make you have a customizable rest pose. .....if I'm being honest I just really like the rank F rest animations better than the Rank 9 lol.

    Like a... "chair" that is a 1x1 Card that makes you take on a certain resting post when used?

    That kind of sounds like something they would do eventually.

    or maybe like Dance of Death motif
  • FINALLY after a decade of waiting (KR spoilers)

    now i can make everyone favorite pineapple Pizza

  • Easier Dan tests

    this thread in a nutshell:
    "Screw the rules! I got Money!