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  • Sucks i cant buy pet medals :/

    Greta wrote: »
    This been known for years now.

    Your comments are always SO helpful...

    You can also buy them from the PayPal website and it will email you the code. I find this method the most reliable.
  • we lost a player of tarlach today v.v

    To us, he may have been a Milletian. His life went far beyond that. Garath had a family, loved ones, he influenced others entire lives. May we always remember that with every Milletian we meet, they are more than what we see at first glance, they have an entire life behind their character. His life was cut terribly short and it's a reminder to us all, be a friend to all you meet and treasure the moments you have with them. Those moments and words may affect them or us in ways that we could never imagine. Rest in peace friend, and may you find rebirth with Nao.
  • @Nexon, it's time to stop.

    If you're trying to get specific items, why not just buy them off other people? If you're going to spend real cash might as well spend it on something you're guaranteed a selling price on.

    LeineiCrimsọnZero2021[Deleted User]PoyopoyoYangKoeteTwelieSheena
  • FAKE C/O...

    I say "Welcome to reality". Try buying a car without the seller saying there's two other guys with offers.

    Unfortunately it's part of all sales and negotiations to know what cards the other guys holding. It's a learned skill to know how to manipulate the deal in your favor. If someone posts c/o 40m, just say "if the bidder backs out I'd pay 30m". And if they come back and say "they backed out, I'll take that offer" Then you change your price to 25m ;D
    [Deleted User]
  • Props to NX

    TheDumbOne wrote: »
    i actually hate the patch notes, it took around a maintenance to put up a post listening every spelling correction they made, as it probably took to fix them.....instead of congratulating such a "defeat" with a giant patch post they should have just wrote "minor spelling corrections" in the maintenance notes.... i mean really how many months has it been since the last patch that wasn't "new content" but a actual fixed.

    crazy amount of time to fix spelling errors
    I dont care if my character name upside down and sideways as long as i can play the game without hitting a snag. sorry to not be supportive... but the team did this regularly before a long time ago... this is a dramatic change of "what is done" (im just angrily shocked)

    Say whatever you want about their spelling, but please don't give them any grammar tips.