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  • Let's talk about G23, Preparing for the Plague.

    I don't think garbage is a word that can quite justify just how bad g23 is
  • Search for the Witch Cultists

    concept wise I agree probably the easiest but time wise it is probably the worst.
  • Defeating the Ulgarms...

    There is no denying these events are rather poorly made but it definitely isn't impossible. It's just incredibly annoying.
  • Re:ZERO x Mabinogi Events

    These events have been pretty antifun overall but some tips regarding this weeks:
    -if you spawn with ice spear most of the time you can just simply use 1 charge of ice spear and kill most if not all the small wolves. It's really up to the AI if you win but this one is pretty consistent at least.
    -if you spawn with chain skills just use regular hits on small wolves. Don't hit the big wolf as it is not only tanky but it actually does little to no damage on subaru. I find that using skills locks you into animation too long which in turn causes you to eventually get overrun before the time is up.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Trythis wrote: »
    @dowie might of helped to use ranged combat like firebolt or ninja. If you said you just used crks probably why you had the most trouble with talvish from what I heard elves had it smoothest with talvish because vision+ mag, then use skills like hide shadow cloak and crisis escape to shake off his aggro.

    Not sure on this but some have said he uses the silence more often against melee, but that's just rumor.

    Being a giant I just used chains ninja and throwing attack along with shadow cloak and crisis to escape or out last his silence to preform damage migation stratedies.

    Something to advise others I guess. Once I actually decided there was nothing to the hints from the text other than not died to the OHKO his hp dropped fairly quick.