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  • Revamp Enchanting!

    I have some ideas for an enchant revamp i'd like to share and hope Nexon would consider some of them. I want these ideas out here so i don't care if Nexon never gives me credit for coming up with it, i feel it would benefit the community to have an Enchant Revamp. Hopefully, some day some semblance of them will become a reality. Let me know what you think and feel free to add any ideas of your own :)

    How i think Enchant could be improved: I should note that i type this as a rank 1 enchanter

    -Int bonus raised from 200 to 1500
    -1% Success rate added to each rank after rank 9, master title rewards an additional 3% to enchanting success rate and 2% to burning
    - Have Enchants no longer destroy items when the player has Rank 5 or higher but failures still cause massive damage
    - Implement Reforges for Enchanting, Enchanting Success rate (1% per level) capped at 10 level, Enchanting Enchant Scroll durability loss reduction (-0.5% per level) capped at 5 level, Enchanting item damage reduction ( -1% per level) capped at 5 level, Enchanting EXP level (1% per level) capped at 10 level. Reforges on Gloves, shoes, hats, and Accessories.
    - Make entrusting an enchanter give a bonus 2% success rate for burns and enchanting on Thursdays (to encourage more interaction between players)
    -If enchant rank 1 or higher, ,make max effect for enchants become more likely
    -If enchant rank 1 or higher, make enchant scrolls able to be used a potential additional 2 times. Meaning that if the enchant is successful, the same enchant scroll can possibly be used an additional 2 times.
    -When having 9 or more of elemental enchants, make the player glow the color of their respective element whenever attacked with that element, e.g ice (white) fire (red) lightning (blue). Note: Perhaps can be disabled in Options.
    -When elemental enchants are fully in effect, have the player receive 1 damage and become completely immune to that element, this means that ice spear or frozen blast should not freeze the player (if full ice elemental is in effect), fireball and thunder should not knock them down or stun them (if full fire or lightning is in effect). However the player should still receive massive damage from the opposing element.