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  • what does pet exp pot do though?

    Pet Rebirth Potion - A potion that rebirths your pet back to the age of 1. It resets your pet's level and stats. Color will not reset.
    Pet Exp Potion (1 Day)(Can be traded once) - Use this to double Pet Combat ExP for 1 day.

    Post will be updated as well.
  • Your in game diets

    I have a seafood diet.

    I see food, I eat it.
    IyasenuArjuneKitimyuzuMeyGretaAlexisEUDarkpixie99WolfandWolfAichannTJastecand 7 others.
  • RIP Tarlach CH7

    Another bear attack. It's back up.
  • Ironman mode on mabinogi.

    Ironman challenge is one of the best! I used it do it on some other games and I thought Mabinogi had the right tools to make it a fun Ironman challenge. Share your progress, its really entertaining.

    For those that don't know - These are a bit extreme so don't have to follow every single one since it doesn't fit each game.

    Ironman Challenge Rules

    All gear employed must be White or Grey. Also, no Heirlooms of any sort.
    No transfer of gear, items or money from any other character (yours or others)
    No gear enhancement(s), thus no Socket Gems, Enchanting or Reforging. Exceptions exist for class abilities. (example: Rogue poisons)
    No specializations, talent points, or glyphs. This restriction also applies to talent points for pets.
    No professions or secondary skills. An exception is made for First Aid.
    No potions/flasks/elixirs (except Quest items)
    No food buffs or other external buffs.
    No grouping or assistance from other characters, even if not grouped.
    No dungeons/raids. No battlegrounds/arenas.
    No guilds. An exception is made for Ironman guilds (no perks)
    No Refer-A- Friend activities. The intention of the challenge is that it be done without assistance.
    No add-ons that assist in combat and/or leveling.
  • Hidden easter eggs in game

    Is it really written like that in OCD level is over 9000 right now.
    [Deleted User]KttyCrimsọn