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  • [WINNERS] Atelia is Missing Screenshot Contest

    yay I won, I would like to thank Atelia for not being there and my friends who went to play festia games with me....
    and looking forward to next week... this event was fun, gave us something to do and everyone had a fair chance to win...
    thanks for the event... looking forward to the next event
  • Why Manus Charges Gold For Healing

    Manus must pay for the upkeep of his house, how do you think he affords all that meat he gets from Glenis every day. Glenis still pays us around 255 or more gold for that delivery, could you imagine how much Manus must be paying for that chunk of meat. We pay 90 gold to be healed, he needs at least 5 of us or more to come visit him each day just so he can afford a piece of meat to eat.

    Not to mention he has to pay part time workers to collect eggs for him, also to eat. Have you noticed how big he is, if he does not eat enough he would end up thin like Simon. He has to look out for his manly Manus image. So just to get one batch of eggs and meat is already around say 1000g. Are we sure that Manus is not already in debt, he already gives his holy water away just so he can survive. Think of the things he needs, that 90g is only a small bit towards his eating alone... Manus needs to eat, feed the Manus, save the world