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April 12, 1999
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  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    Let's revamp fighter and life talents!
    KensamaofmariBronzebreakRadiant Dawn
  • Why girls clothings are more pricy than boys ones?

    And people ask why I crossdress. Why change into a female character when I can be a male character and get most of the nice female outfits I liked in an Eluned fashion? Now I can look masculine, feminine, and tomboyish all without using pon to change my gender if I want to be a girl! I wanted to be a female giant at one point, but the expensive clothes available at the time turned me off. And, there weren't a lot of outfits that suited what I was going for. What if I didn't want to have gigantic breasts or revealing outfits? There are outfits that aren't revealing, but at the time, it wasn't a big selection. Being a female character is tough on the wallet in the world of fashionogi. :s
  • I drew art for the wiki! Tibbie!

    Kadalyn needed someone to draw them a picture of Tibbie for the wiki, so I decided to draw her. I hope you like it. :)

    Check out my discord @ HackerAxe#7600 to see the art I draw daily or look at my DeviantArt @ :3
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    I'm seeing a lot of frustration and words that can really start some arguments. I'd recommend avoiding speech that can insult people for their opinion, be it insulting those who think it's to easy, or insulting those who think it's too hard. At the end of the day we're all players trying to play the same game and have a nice time, so let's try to be civil before another thread collapses into flames. :S

    I feel that Mabinogi combat in general has drifted into being more focused on damage, gear, and pets than the kind of strategies I was used to back when I first joined. It killed combat for me in general, making me stay just for my friends and clothes. I wasn't willing to spend more time than I felt was necessary grinding gold for near 20m+ gears, pets, reforges, or maxing out every skill to Master or Dan 3 in order to do dungeons in a timely manner and/or rushed manner, so I gave up after a while. I didn't find it too rewarding. Overall, it looks to me like combat is almost all the same, but with much larger HP, and perhaps some instant kill skills in the monsters that only make the battles more frustrating. I haven't played the new generation yet, though after seeing how Sidhe- (I forget how to spell it, the one in Abb Neagh) played out, and how Rabbie Phanstam is like, I would only assume that the harder generations moving forward will only take minor gear and strategy adjustments, but the HP pool getting bigger and bigger, geared toward the strongest of the strong, while leaving the weaker content, like those mobs in Iria walking around the snow, deserts, and woods, forgotten and in the dust. It's too late to fix any of this now. We're too far up the power ladder now, and we can only go up. :/
    3rdyNeroyImaizumiVeylaineMizukiHayamaFOXAssassinSelenijaRadiant DawnSheenaAeolysand 1 other.
  • Wait what's with those wigs?!....

    I've come to the conclusion that Mabinogi doesn't like to update old things when it comes to cosmetics. They have gotten on the ball with fixing some glitches, lately, but all together over the years I just see Mabinogi releasing new stuff, and more new stuff, and more new stuff, and sweeping everything old under the rug.

    This rug can't contain all this old stuff for long. It just makes me a little sad that they can't update hairs to make them all flow, but instead just re-release them. Then again, that would be me thinking too highly for them to update every new hair to flow for free.