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  • Game's become too bloated for its own good?

    Does anyone else think this besides me? There is so much content in this game it's crazy. While this should be a good thing in theory, at times it feels more like quantity over quality to me. I logged in recently to discover things like the Renown system, Festia (which I haven't bothered at all with), the Alban Knights Training Center, the Alban Knights squad thing, and countless other small things.

    All this stuff was pretty overwhelming to me, so I can't imagine what new players would think of this game seeing all this stuff that you can do. But what bugs me the most is that the new content tends to invalidate the older content. Even with the recent dungeon revamp, Shadow Missions are still the best way to earn exp by far, so why go through the older dungeons? And I hardly ever go to Iria for anything anymore. Things just don't feel very balanced. And this isn't even getting into the huge mish-mash of themes and mythologies that the story's become.

    I'm glad that the barrier to entry for this game isn't so high anymore, because to be honest the game was a bit too hard back in its early days for a lot of people, but the game just feels totally different nowadays, and not quite the same as how it was when I first started playing back in 2008. I just don't seem to be having a lot of fun with it anymore, but that could just be me since I've mastered most of the Close Combat skills and don't know what else to do aside from the mainstream quests.