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  • Market Prices Discussion

    This is a very weird suggestion. Item prices should be set by actual supply/demand and gold inflation. They shouldn't be set arbitrarily by a vote.

    And even if we did use a vote, how would that be accurate? You list HW as an example, but think about the buyer/seller distribution for this item. Obviously buyers would vote for a lower price (10K, for example) while sellers vote in the opposite direction (30k). Because there are much more buyers than sellers, the price of the item would tank to a value that no longer makes HW gathering an optimal gold-farming method. All we would be left with is a useless, pseudo-market value that nobody takes seriously.

    Mabinogi could have really used a Runescape Grand Exchange type of marketplace where:
    - Players can look up the ACTUAL market values for an item (average buying/selling price)
    - Players can deposit items-for-sale for an extended period of time (a few days). These items stay in the Market regardless of logout or CC.
    - Players can deposit "pre-paid fliers" for items they want to buy. They deposit money and list the item they want. When a match occurs, the item is automatically bought with the money

    This would solve some major problems with the current market system (excluding the House Market)

    1. Having your shop close if you Logout/CC is just dumb. It's a restriction that discourages players from selling items.
    - Some people don't want to leave their computers running 24/7, or they simply can't do so.
    - Oh, your friends are doing something in a different channel? Too bad, you have to stay in the market channel if you want to sell your items.

    2. Personal shops are dumb and inconvenient in the first place.
    - Most buyers want to have a general idea of the average price of their target. In order to do that, you have to search personal shops in two continents, in addition to filtering through Party Recruit spam and forums. This is an unnecessary waste of time.
    - Even if the player searches both marketplaces, they will not have an accurate estimate until after a few days of searching. This is because out of all of the people who want to sell that item, only around a small portion of them will actually have a shop open with that item for sale.
    - Personal shops are annoying for the seller because you have to reserve a 2x8 space for the License and Brownie Contract. On top of that, you have to stop the sale of an item if you want to move it around in your inventory.

    tl;dr Personal shops are annoying and a waste of time

    2nd tl;dr Make a house-market system that is available to all players. For example, there could be an additional slot at the Bank for items that you wish to sell, along with a bulletin board that lets you search through the market. This would be similar to the Grand Exchange, albeit without average prices and pre-paid buying.