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  • Humble Bragging

    they can have whatever stuff they want.

    but the poison i put on my weapon is still gonna ignore all of it and do dmg based off HP % >=D

  • A Little Market Consumer Survey~

    1.) What do U usually spend ur gold stockpile on?
    Outfits, weapons, honestly i've never had a gold stockpile as i spend it as fast as i get it. though right now i have a record 13mill(12.5mill higher than my previous record) due to saving up to buy hair.
    2.) How often Do U spend ducats?(Or what do U buy/use em on? Fomor equips? Repairs?)
    Saving them slow to gain them. i plan to use them to buy....well right now the poison or lightning swords. wish we had more options to buy......
    3.) Do U prefer getting things from the cash shop directly or trading Ingame gold for them?
    generally ingame gold. only time i like cash shop is if i know what i getting. aka no lottery gache. just let me buy the freaking hair for $15. its cheaper than the ganche!!!
    4.) Do U have a spending cap when going around PS shopping 4 items?(5m/10m/20m/etc)
    my limit is how much i have at the time, and if i have something i currently saving for. if i have spare money after i buy that thing, then i buy till i'm out. though i do have a 800k gold pouch pet that is offlimits to my spending. its reserved for repair costs only. and i try to prioritize it being full before adding stuff to my bank budget
    5.) Last but not least...Do U prefer to generate ur own gold income(SM/Dungeons/etc) or do U afk and just merch?
    can you explain what you mean by afk merch? like buy and resell? i do prefer active gold earning. but i also like commerce in particular as i'm a fan of Spice and Wolf. while i generally hate afk gold earning. i do have exceptions to this. namely fishing(no real profit. but its nice to do when i busy on other games. and i return to find something cool like a 2h sword, or alchemy crystals. cheap ass stuff. but its nice. :*


  • did Mabi just die?

    oh thank god it isn't just me.

    i thought my computer was trying to kill itself
  • Real Talk: The Gender Imbalance in Mabi

    jeee...its almost like girls tend to like fashion a bit more than guys.

    and as such are more likely to buy new outfits.

    and as a result, merchants are more likely to focus on F outfits to resell for profit, while M, due to less demand is devalued.

    this mirrors real world clothing/fashion industry.

    theres going to be alot more M sittign on market for longer time due to less demand, and thus the slow decline in price until someone buys it.

    while F is bought alot more often due to high demand, and often willing to pay more.

    as for how the outfits look. thats personal preference, i've seen plenty of male outfits i think look better than F (plus i'm a bit tired of the sheer number of skirts, more pants please).

    and your last point. yes there are more F exclusive outfits, cause as any clothign industry, or video game, can tell you through studies and statistics. F tend to sell more, and care more for visual appearance. while arguably M tend to focus more on effectiveness(which also carries to real life.......when you see a guy wear the same clothes they wore yesterday.....cause its "Comfortable".....its still dirty. change <.< )

    theres a reason i'm always broke in any game i play, i'm constantly buying and dyeing my outfits.
    while my BF tends to sit on a gold stash cause he's happy with what he has (unless its some fancy weapon....which i can relate to....)