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  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    Alchemy - Mainly it's formulas and lack of good enchantments.
    - Replace Mana Crystallization with something useful/new.
    Fighter - Damage boost across the board and cooldown reduction.
    - Add a third combo chain that has AoE options(Weaker of course)
    Puppetry - Make Control Marionette add 100% of the player's stats instead of 70%.
  • Why girls clothings are more pricy than boys ones?

    Because girls are willing to pay the price more often then not.

    I could be wrong, but I think the majority of the "fashionogi" players are female as well, so people in the market like to abuse that fact.

    Of course, all the traps running around, too.
  • Small Alchemy Tweaks

    Various skill tweaks I feel would help Alchemy out of it's ditch, these changes are far from perfect, but should hammer out some of the talent's flaws.
    Also wanted to give "Wind Alchemic Damage" more value.

    Heat Buster
    Splash Damage raised to 100%
    Fire Alchemic Damage is multiplied by 5 when calculating damage.

    Rain Casting
    Casting time lowered to 3s at Rank 1.
    Lightning Strikes gains damage from the following values:
    - Wind Alchemic Damage
    - 45% of the user’s current Stamina
    - Wind Alchemy & Alchemy Mastery
    - Wind Cylinder Modifier

    Damage is Influenced by following values
    - Wind & Fire Alchemic Damage
    - Wind & Fire Cylinder Modifier

    Hydra Transmutation
    Enemies poisoned by Hydra will have a status icon indicating that their Magic Defense and Magic Protection are lowered.
    Base Cooldown lowered to 30s
    - Can only have one summoned at a time.
    - Attempting to summon a second will cancel out the first one.

    Chain Cylinder
    Cooldown is reduced depending on the number of charges added.
    - 5 Charges added = 0% Cooldown Reduction
    - 4 Charges added = 20% Cooldown Reduction
    - 3 Charges added = 40% Cooldown Reduction
    - 2 Charges added = 60% Cooldown Reduction

    Summon Golem
    Golem's Max & Min damage are now increased by the caster's Earth Alchemic Damage.
    "AI Mode" improved to be more aggressive and stay focused on it's target.
    - Can no longer be "controlled" by the player
    Golems will now receive dynamic combat.
    - All of it's skills are uncapped to rank 1.

    Barrier Spikes
    50% of the caster's health is added to the Barrier's HP

    tropacat - Alexina