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  • Doll Bags and Hillwen

    Greta wrote: »
    Slightly off-topic, but... Are there any doll bags which collect ingredients? Can't come up with any...

    Piran and Kristell can collect Tailoring/Weaving items. Ferghus collects ores and gems. Cethlenn collects artifacts. And there's many more.
  • The ability to sell fynni pet whistles in bulk.

    As much as I love this new talent, having to constantly talk Fionnait multiple times to trade whistles for pinecones gets old real quick. It would be nice if we could trade them off to her in bulk. Or, at the very least, make it so trading a whistle doesn't completely end the conversation with her, so that we can still be on the same screen if we wanted to trade more. Voight can already do this when appraising and exchanging artifacts, so it's entirely possible for Fionnait to do the same.

    IGN: raishii
    Server: Alexina
  • Quick Fynni Catching Skill Rank Guide

    Once you start needing rC gems, it's way simpler to just do Peaca Normal. It has rC (Cloakers) and rB (Ghouls, Wights, and Hollow Knights) gems.

    For rA gems, just do Saga I: Episode 2 "A Letter from Akule" quest. It spawns a Headless, but you're really going to be doing it for the Lesser Liches. As long as you don't kill the big Lich, it will endlessly spawn lesser ones that can be collected. If you wanted, you could also do this quest early on, since the demonic warrior/poet things drop either rD or rC gems.
  • Bring Back The Gypsy Talent Title

    With older Disney movies, there wasn't as much care about being offensive. Sorry for going off topic. But say you watch Fantasia (1940 film), if you notice the female Centaurs, enough said. I miss the old days were you could actually say what ever you want to.

    I, too, miss the old days when people died of polio.

    On topic, if they changed the title because they felt it was distasteful, I wouldn't count on them going back on that decision. On the old forums, I could recall people taking issue with the title. I'm fine with the change.
  • What Future Trans Medals Would You Like To See?