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  • Goodbye Forums...?

    Greta wrote: »
    Did we accumulate the same amount of "strikes" and got the same warning at the same time? I really don't know or understand fully how that goes, but that's what I was told as to why I got a warning this time.
    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    We're getting warnings that don't expire for seemingly small things

    It'd be nice to know derailing threads was bad before you got the warning. Were you ever warned for it before getting the official warning? It looks incredibly inconsistent to dish out punishments for it happening once, but not even let anyone know anywhere(not even in the Code of Conduct) that derailing threads is a punishable action. Up until now, we're led to believe it's only bad if it's done with ill intent. I suppose it makes sense why some things seemed ignored, as it's likely a "strike" leading up to an official warning. But from a user perspective, that appears to be extremely spastic and lazy moderating.

    I don't know the pros and cons to this, but if there was a way to communicate when we get these "strikes," I'm sure most people would stop warn-able behavior. From what I can infer in this thread, no one even knew they were doing anything wrong until they received the warning. It's lack of clarity like this that makes it seem like there is a huge deal being made over seemingly small instances(which in turn creates a lot of FUD, such as putting a moderator's bias into question).
  • Hotkey for dropping items

    This isn't the perfect solution, but it can work temporarily;

    You can put every item you don't want in one bag and unequip that bag. The bag won't leave your inventory, you won't drop it, and every item in that bag will show up in a temporary inventory. Just don't touch it and everything will drop in a couple minutes. The downside is you'll need to organize your inventory and double check that there is nothing important left in the bag. It would be nice to be able to cycle through items in the temporary inventory, in order to double check that.

    Alternatively, to save yourself from needing to drop fish to begin with, you can do this...

    For extra rows like the bottom, I used some items I was saving for later use. You can use free HS trees to fill in any blanks. They cost 3 homestead stones. Just use anything stackable. You want to make sure there are no 1x2 spaces. When you're done fishing, you can use the magnet above your equipment to stack all of the jars and HS trees.
  • Goodbye Forums...?

    Sebastian wrote: »
    The tea is scalding. I’d actually read said thread if I wasn’t currently at college. I’m actually interested in what happened.

    Everything is deleted now. TLDR; the users in question were joking about one of them being old(to which that person responded with an anime gif of an old dude with a cane) over the course of like, 8 comments, and all of them(from the sound of it) were warned for derailing the thread.
  • G21 Face To Face Part 2

    Magic will work fine on the doppleganger, but I worry about the speed you can kill the clones with(as they reduce your damage and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of them). You can get Hydra Transmutation from Alchemy and it will lower the magic defense of every enemy within the AOE. This will make your magic a lot more effective and might even kill the clones in one firebolt. If it doesn't, I'd suggest any combination of these things for a backup plan;

    - Get two Beam Swords(they're 200k each). They do 90~180 attack, and the 50% crit will kill the clones instantly in one hit if you use Final Hit. The remaining time of the skill, on top of Hydra Transmutation, should drop the doppleganger's HP low enough for you to use magic and kill it before more clones spawn.
    - If you get the doppleganger to chase you out of the middle circle, the clones won't attack you.
    - Alchemy has another skill called Raincast that will make things drop aggro until you hit them. You can use it if you get overwhelmed. It works if you use it before enemies spawn as well, so you can preemptively cast it before clones are summoned.
    - Divine Link has immunity frames in it. It should be right as you cast it(passing the orb to your pet, not merely loaded the skill) until the orbs touch. A well-timed Link can negate a lot of damage.

    If this doesn't work, you may need one of three things
    1) continue ranking Hydra Transmutation so it's more effective and your magic will do more damage
    2) rank some more Combat or Fighter skills for an extra 1-200 ST so Final Hit is more useful
    3) continue ranking Raincast so it lasts longer and gives you more time to setup your attacks or recover from a mistake
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    MrPlinkett wrote: »
    I've beaten G21 at around 2.9k-3k total level on patch day and I only had a real problem with Tagar's hitbox for the pillars. It also depends on what skills and gear you have too and how you use demi/trans, like having divine link up at all times really helps with Tagar and the Doppleganger. It also depends on whatever you're a human or not because FH'ing those two really helps, especially with divine link up. I pretty much went through this as a human using FH as much as possible and chaincasting firebolt if the boss is being aggressive. You don't want to do this with skillsets like puppeteer or advanced ones like gunner and chain slash unless you have proper stats and gear.

    To be honest I thought the Doppleganger was the easiest fight.

    Your gear doesn't even need to be that advanced. I have nothing reforged or enchanted. No level 200 pet, think the highest one is around 50, and my Divine Link is R6. Though the min-maxing DEX I did may contribute to that.