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  • Server Merge

    Kageito wrote: »
    Nah. You could just make a new character for x server to play with your friends instead. Sure, you'd have to redo all of your stats and skills, but there's AP training to help you do that. Surely those friends would probably help get you level up. If people would quit whining for server merge and just do a new character, rather than waste time playing a character on a server they dislike, they could have already been stronger than they currently are, just without the same gear they had, of course. Personally, if a server merge were to happen, I feel everyone should start from scratch, fair and square. As if the game had just come out. ;o

    Its not just about levels, its about time spent, and even money. Stuff like lifeskills, limited time pets, or even gacha stuff like a star bags... not to count reforges or even outfits...
    Basically there are people, like me who have been playing since BETA, it is not easy for us to "just make a new char" ...

    I dont see why a server merge would have the need for everyone to start from zero... if a server merge happens, then we are all under the same conditions, which is "we all merge"... assuming Nexon does it right, no one would lose anything...

    Plus its not just about "if you wanna play with ur friends, make a new char"... The issue is that we do have servers that are dying on our hands...

    I am in Ruairi... never have seen the server so empty, and Ive been here since the beta. We need a server merge urgently before this becomes ghost town, except for Alexina.