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  • Dark Skintone Options for Elves!

    It's kinda weird that this isn't a thing. My main is an elf and I picked the darkest available tone, which was way less so than I thought it would be. Then, I find out that elves live in the desert, and I'm just like... Woah, they must use some amazing sunscreen... I need that stuff.

    Or, failing that, just give me some options, lol. :P

    *sees date on the topic*

    Oh wow...
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Scarly ~ Welcome to Mabinogi. ~ This forum represents less than half of 1 percent of the game's total population. (< .5%). Don't let the sparse delusions of those who've been screaming since the day the game first opened to the public (January 30, 2008) bother you. Threads like these are usually devised by members of one guild; as opposed to intervention by the community at large or as a whole.

    They do this in hopes of strengthening lost appeals. ~ Such as the 9 year old (won't happen anytime soon or ever) appeal to merge servers.

    Hahaha, thank you for the welcome HM! Can I call you HM? Hardmuscle just seems a little awkward to type out all of the time. Though, HM does sound like a fashionable line of clothing for men. Clothes For HM. Yeah, that's not a bad idea for a brand. I'd totally take my boyfriend to shop there, if this fictional entity existed.

    Anyways, I won't let the negativity get me down, hahaha. It's actually weird, though. Things like "X is Dying" can become self-fulfilling prophecies because people that are new to the game will see the name of the topic and then read through and feel put off and then maybe they'd move on. Tbh, when I was investigating games, I saw this topic and was like, "lol, if you have to ask the question...." Of course, that was before I tried it. I guess I really wanted to chime in here so that people didn't get the impression that all was hopeless and lost.

    Also too, you were right in your posts about the impact of cyber security. I used to be an admin on a few fansites (that will go unmentioned because I'm so embarrassed by my past!!!!!!!) and DDOS attacks are a real (and an expensive issue).

    Annnd, merging servers is a real request? Sounds like a mess to me. Alexina is already sometimes laggy...
    watercat0 wrote: »
    you dont know this but the game has nothing to offer after you beaten the story, you do not need a powerful weapon to be powerful and fashion is lock behind gotcha. if you were to not play the storyline, you will see the same problems.

    Eh, maybe I'm just a simpleton, but I don't think that stuff will matter to me. I mean, I once spent 400 hours fishing in WoW, lol. I'm not exactly hard to amuse. XD I totally admit that this may not be normal, but hey - how many weirdos does it take to keep a game from dying? :P And pouring time into Mabi is sooo much more rewarding than anything that I ever did in WoW, lol.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Speaking from the perspective of a relatively new player (lol, I started two or three weeks ago), it doesn't seem dead to me. As far as "dying" goes, I think that everything is always dying, a little bit at a time, so maybe that's not a helpful way to think of things.

    Hasn't this game been around for more than a decade? Probably, there's going to be some ups and downs during that time, and the mmo market has only become more competitive since back when Mabi was first created. It isn't saying much to say that less people are online now as compared to a decade ago. A better question would be how the experience is for newer players.

    I'll just say that I felt like it was time for something different, so I went looking for cute mmos to play. I haven't played an mmo since WoW, so I had no idea what was out there. Well. I tried nearly all of the top rated mmos that looked sorta cute. I didn't like any of them, even though a lot of them were more active than Mabi. I stayed away from Mabi initially due to how old the game was, but finally I was like, "Ah, what the heck!" Sooo, I installed and started it up. After the (sometimes painful) initial tutorial, I really have enjoyed it, and I've even made a few friends in the game despite the fact that I'm antisocial af (I am... Cripplingly shy. Most of the time.).

    So, I started playing and am bringing more players into the game by word of mouth.
    Unisex wrote: »
    Opalthira wrote: »
    Since the chain blade update there have been time where the game literally tells me im not allowed to enter ch1.
    Also for the past like three weeks I can rarely finding any shop spaces that are open.

    The game is totally dead.

    Weather and Climate are two different things.
    Just because it rains doesn't mean it stops being a desert.

    That's true, but even if Mabi is a desert, that doesn't mean that it's inhospitable. Lots of plants and animals thrive in deserts and other similar environments. In fact, for some of them, only places like a desert can be home. :0

    Also, if anyone replies to this and says anything like this - "aww, cute little newbie filled with optimism. I'm a hardened player with one million hours logged and I eat the chest hair of my enemies for breakfast... Blah blah... Give it time... Blah blah... Chest hair for breakfast with no milk" - if anyone says that, then I'll never forgive you. Haha, if you're still logging in then you're evidence that the game isn't dead, so there. :0
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