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  • Cookie Island is back!

    YangKoete wrote: »
    I remember back when I first did it;

    No one realized there was a pet to get or a nice 2nd title, and everyone was panicking as I told them =w=

    Pet? What pet and how?
  • Forced Rebirths, why?

    Carlize wrote: »
    ...there's certain things like getting into Festia that they don't allow until you've rebirthed once, ...

    The "Missing Townfolk" quest forces rebirth, The first step of the "return incentives" requires rebirth before you can proceed.
    And my char "Docharry" has no problem enter Festia or doing Saga, yet she has never been reborn.

    Mabinogi just had it's 10th anniversary. In another 8 weeks, Docharry will have her tenth anniversary, which in all likelihood would make her the oldest unreborn character in the game. I'd like to keep her that way. All it would take is one little rebirth to spoil that...

    If it really is no big deal to get reborn, then it's no big deal to not be reborn. So way is it being forced? Must be pretty important to Nexon/Mabinogi and i'd love to see their answer. Anything else is just speculation.

    {how do i insert a screenshot?}
  • Forced Rebirths, why?

    A few months ago I started playing Mabinogi again after being away from it for about 4 years. Found i had 5 new character cards to use and so created new characters. All were forced to rebirth before proceeding on in the game. Seemed odd to me, but no biggie at the time.

    Just did the Missing Townfolk quest and was sent up to Nao after speaking to Trefor. There was no option to back out of the rebirthing process. -removed-. To not be rebirthed, i had to force a hard shutdown on the game. Couldn't cancel the rebirth, couldn't log out, couldn't end game.

    What's going on? Why the need to make everyone rebirth? Yes there's benefits to rebirth, but it should be a choice. I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but what you're doing is really freaky.
  • 10 years huh.

    Sherri wrote: »
    I joined when Starlet came out, but it feels like I've been here a lot longer. If you have that feeling with a game, you know that it's a really good game. ♥

    At some point they need to give ancient titles to players

    My char "Docharry" is 493 past 25 would she qualify for the "Ancient" title? or do I need to wait another 7 weeks?