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April 24, 1996
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    Because I have too much free time and nothing to do.
  • G21 is happening

    watercat0 wrote: »
    this is going to be one of those 1-day complete generation instead of full days work generation, isn't it.

    I'm like 99% sure you can complete any Generation within 1 day in the current state of the game.
    On that note, it is not going to be drawn out like G18 probably. It would be nice if it was a fairly long generation though with new content.
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks

    Well in case anyone didn't know, other Dan skills carry over to any other Dan tests that's related to that talent.
    So say if you're having a hell of a hard time like a lot of people are for Dan 2 and 3 Magnum Shot, skills like Dan 3 Crash Shot and Dan 3 Ranged Attack can help you for your Dan 3 Magnum Shot test.

    As for Dan 3 Magnum Shot, an elf friend of mine has gotten Dan 3 Magnum Shot earlier today (after spending ~2m gold on retries), but I'm not so sure it's possible for humans since we do have a longer cooldown time compared to elves. Hopefully, the other dan skills would help even a bit though.

    Magnum Shot:
    Like I said above, Dan 1~3 Crash Shot and Dan 1~3 Ranged Attack (not sure if Ranged Attack would help much in all honesty) will be available if you got those beforehand. Crash Shot however will help with killing those annoying Sahagins. If you use Crash Shot as soon as those Sahagins spawn, you will not get multi-aggro, but any mob that was hit with the fragments will notice you, but not aggro you until the initial target has been killed. This tactic can help tremendously for Dan 3 so you don't get mauled to death. Your main targets should be the Rat Men because they don't have much defense, and they don't have too much HP either, making it easy to rack up points. Rat Men do have multi aggro though, so be cautious and good luck.

    If you're struggling in any test, I suggest working on the other Dan tests for skills that are related to that talent (sorry life skill users, you're on your own).
  • Infinite loop of wasting 24hours With Dan tests

    ^For those who want to know the requirements (it's on Wiki if you search up "Dan")
    And yes...I know it's ridiculous.
  • Are you really kidding me

    Yeah there's a significant imbalance among some of these Dan tests/skills.
    Smash's Dan test seems ridiculously easy while you have Magnum Shot Dan, which is a HUGE pain. You have to hope you don't miss and get a critical hit kill for the majority of the test, on top of the fact that it just gets worse for each higher Dan rank test you have to do. 12k points to get Rank SS for Dan 3 requirements? Ridiculous. I'm barely getting 9k~10k points, and that's with me being a tryhard. At least extend the time limit a couple of minutes, or get rid of the multi-aggro.