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Your Daily Fashion!


  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
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    Hello, sorry its been awhile. I'm grateful that people are still posting outfits here though so thank you. :) I'll still try to post when I can, if you been following my tumblr you saw that I had posted 2 outfits about a week or so ago. I'll be posting one here now and the other tomorrow if I have time or Saturday.

    @Demoncat Sounds very awesome, would love to see it sometime. Moonlight Attire is very gorgeous and I love seeing how people dye it. :D

    @Nilrem Hello and I agree, I rarely see that outfit around so its nice to see someone wearing it. Love the colors you used to dye it and the Brill heels together with it.

    @Moritales Hello thank you for sharing your beautiful outfit on this thread (and for being your first post). I love the shades of yellow you used and love everything you used with the outfit. :D Its been awhile since I seen someone use that outfit, Large Ribbon and Butterfly wings.

    @Tabari Love the color combo you used with those wings, I definitely don't see them that often (and not sure I seen that color) and looks awesome. Thank you for continuing to post your lovely outfits on here!

    @roastedpig hello and its okay, long as you keep coming back haha. I love how you paired up the bonnet with the water spirit outfit and the colors match very well, I love it. I haven't been able to decide on shoes on mine so its sitting in dressing room (hopefully some new shoes might give me inspiration to get it to work).

    @Servillius I tested the gloves with a trade unlock potion I got from recent hot time event and they don't show up. :( Sorry hopefully more gloves get released soon (or the set gets re-released) so you can compliment your outfit.

    I know its been awhile but hope everyone is having a great 2020! I took these pictures a little bit after the Halloween Event. I really enjoyed the Moonlight Dreams Story and glad that it ended the way it did. I also really liked the character Gillach and so much I tried to do a cosplay of him when he’s a puppet. There’s no Eluned Version of Moonlight Dreams Warlock Wig (M) so I used Eluned Waffle Wizard Wig (F) which looked similar and I already had the Loose-Fit Knitwear. The Halo and Wind-Up Tail are probably my favorite things to wear so I left them on (and thought it seemed fitting). I did get a Gilliach Puppet from the Event Shop though I didn’t have any Mini Dyes to dye him yet. But one day I’ll eventually dye him and show pictures when I do. Hopefully soon I’ll have pictures of two new outfits that I’m excited to show (one was a gift and another one I just got a few days ago that I been wanting).Thank you guys for reading and hope you have a wonderful day/night.



    Outfit: Loose-Fit Knitwear (F)
    Headpiece: Eluned Waffle Wizard Wig (F)
    Shoes: N/A
    Gloves: N/A
    Accessories: Peach Royal Marionette Halo, Wind-Up Tail, Gillach Marionette Figure
  • roastedpigroastedpig
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    edited February 9
    @Servillius, I saw a pair of Celestial Daydream Gloves when i was window shopping. They’re similar to the Lord of Seas, they just don’t have the bracelet :)

    @LittleCeci I think I’ll go for high ankle boots if my character was younger o,o

    In any case, your new post looks so neat! The cosplay itself is simple to do, but the whole picture itself was nicely done ^^

  • ServilliusServillius
    Mabinogi Rep: 590
    Posts: 43
    Ooh, thanks for the suggestion.
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,905
    Posts: 295
    @roastedpig I'll try out some ankle boots again when I take the outfit out :D Thank you for the suggestion and for your kind words. I really love the rooms in that secret cabinet and definitely wanted some cool shots in them.

    Hello! I had this set on my Wishlist for longest time and the only piece I was missing was the Santa Gloves (F). With the Wishing event I finally completed it (I have the hat but wasn’t wearing it). I love that more hand-held props are coming out! This Snowflower Mug was so cute and love the idle pose it gives. First time I think wearing this wig that I got during the first gach release of it. Loving how this outfit came out with everything like wintery and snowflakes and of course had to take it in the snow haha.



    Outfit: Santa Suit (F)
    Headpiece: Fluffy Arctic Fox Wig (F)
    Shoes: Santa Boots (F)
    Gloves: Santa Gloves (F)
    Accessories: Snowflower Mug, Snow Flower Sweet Halo, Pink Mini Wings, Wind-Up Tail
  • ServilliusServillius
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    edited February 18
    Gonna post my newly completed outfit. Special thanks to Pumpkinspice and Lestell for getting me into fashion.


    Magus Crest Earrings (F)
    Traditional Elf Wedding Dress (F)
    Winter Messenger Shoes (F)
    White Angel Wings
    Lord of the Seas Gloves

    It turns out there is a visual glitch with the gloves, so they don't look as good as I thought they would.
  • roastedpigroastedpig
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,735
    Posts: 110
    @LittleCeci my screenshot skills are a bust (in rl and ig both) so i'm perpetually amazed by how you guys could get such nice photos and great angles! >w<!

    @Servillius welcome to the dark side! ;3

    Anyway, because summer is fast approaching on my side of the globe, my head is going into vacation mode xD;

    'Sunrise' watching at doki

    Outfit: Bolero and Jumper Skirt
    Headpiece: Fedora
    Shoes: Chic Boots
    Gloves: Constellation Guardian Hand Ornament
  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,905
    Posts: 295
    @Servillius Thank you for posting your outfit and aw, gloves still look nice and outfit is gorgeous :) Love all the white and gold and glad to see you're getting into fashon :D

    @roastedpig Aw I think your screenshots look good, especially love the 'Sunrise' watching at Doki :) I take lots of pictures LOL and just edit the ones I like :D Haha when I think summer, I think more work (place I work at, Summer is when the majority of the work happens). Loving the outfit, I don't see the Bolero and Jumper Skirt that much anymore and it was one of my favorite outfits. Also love the pairing of the Fedora and Chic Boots (which I still need to find an outfit to use mine with).

    Hello! I originally wasn’t gonna get this outfit but I gached it out and left it in my dressing room. When I got the Wiggling Winter Fairy Ears (F) and paired them together, I decided to keep it. Its the regular version, no idle but that’s okay, I like holding my Baby Bunny Doll. I really like the Holiday Halo (Dyeable) since its one of the few halos that all the parts can be dyed (the flowers, ribbon, and the halo part itself) and Milk was really sweet and got me the Tintable Blooming Wings for Christmas ;o; been wearing them forever haha. I really like the Fairy Dance Gesture (the pose) from the Snowflower Tree Festival Event and I thought the Comfy Cushioned Chair would be perfect fit (minus that the dress is so bell-shaped RIP). Also really like the Winter Wiggling Fairy Ears (F), I thought it was adorable how the ears move.



    Outfit: Adorable Frill Dress (F)
    Headpiece: Wiggling Winter Fairy Ears (F)
    Shoes: Traditional Wedding Boots
    Gloves: Lady Waffle Cone Heart Ring
    Accessories: Baby Bunny Doll, Holiday Halo (Dyeable), Tintable Blooming Wings, Comfy Cushioned Chair, Wind-up Tail
  • TabariTabari
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,360
    Posts: 47
    Got a couple of new items to change up my look
    Head: Succubus Fiend Wig and Ears
    Outfit: Imperial Cosmic Princess Mini Dress (F)
    Hands: Transparent Gloves
    Feet: Figure Skates (F)
    Accessory 1: Fluffy Kitty Tail
    Accessory 2: Aquarius Guardian Wings
  • AnemkiAnemki
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    edited March 17
    So hi, been a while I guess! Been working a lot more than I anticipated but figured I'd add some stuff!
    The Moonlight Dream Witch set looked pretty dope when I saw it in KR, so I got lucky and pulled it, so I took some nice shots with some scenery in my homestead cemetery. (:
    Also been mixing it up and trying new colour schemes, got sick of the same old thing.



    Head: Moonlight Dreams Hat
    Outfit: Moonlight Dreams Witch Attire (F)
    Gloves: Tribal Bird Bracelet
    Shoes: Laighlinne Metal Heel Greaves
    Weapon: Moonlight Dreams Staff

  • LittleCeciLittleCeci
    Mabinogi Rep: 3,905
    Posts: 295
    @Tabari Super cute! Congrats on the new items! Loving the matching colors with the Succubus Fiend Wig and Ears and the Imperial Cosmic Princess Mini Dress. :D Also love the zodiac signs effect from your Aquarius Guardian Wings, so cool!

    @Anemki Its all good, welcome back! I've been super busy myself and posting less. Congrats on pulling the Moonlight Dream Witch Set, it looks really gorgeous and always fun to try out new color schemes :)

    I had this queue on my Tumblr but I didn't get around to posting it on here. Hello! I’m super excited to post this outfit. When I first saw it, I didn’t really like it but I wanted to get it since I know the Star Shop rotates items and I wasn’t sure when it might come back. My really awesome and good friend got it for me for Christmas as a gift ;o; I saw it in game and I love the idle pose it had. I got all the pieces (wig/gauntlets/greaves) but decided to switch it up a bit and wear something else. I also got the matching sword and shield appearance scrolls cause I thought they looked pretty cool. I was wearing the Vanguard Uniform Wig (F) for awhile but a friend found me the Eluned Pitch Black Patch & Wig (F) and I liked how that looked and decided to wear that for pictures. I also thought the Flex Gesture was an awesome pose haha. I did a Photoshoot with Jae which I’ll post pictures later (there was alot of awesome male and female outfits that came out) and I got a picture with the friend who got me the armor. :D




    Outfit: Special Gladiator’s Armor (F)
    Headpiece: Eluned Pitch Black Patch & Wig (F)
    Shoes: Mystic Celtic Boots (F)
    Gloves: Marleid’s Gauntlets (F)
    Accessories: Gladiator’s One-Handed Sword (Appearance), Gladiator’s Shield (Appearance).