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  • Unless they make a whole new code or something to implement the ability to have more of the same item in one slot in the dressing room, with like a drop down menu to select the one you want to take out if you click on it, yeah. I can't see this not …
  • Is this the fashion trend in Korea these days or something? Like, dayum. I love Korea for its kimchi, soju, toppoki, buldak, samyang and shin ramyun, but this... This looks like someone who tried to eat, but turned out to not like the aforemen…
  • When I heard about a possible server merge I already wondered what they'd do about duplicate names. I really don't look forward to having the server behind my characters' names. Why couldn't they have opted for a symbol? I had been hoping they'd do …
  • I honestly had given up hope of this game ever releasing. Many years ago I remember people were already suggesting this was going to be spiritual successor to Mabi. Though, the combat seems much different, actually, the combat seems a tad dull to…
  • Yeah, my bags were all strewn about randomly when I logged in after maintenance, which confused me, I always have them arranged item wise, and so that they're all visible on screen and do not overlap when I have all of them open. I rearranged them a…
  • Yup, same here. Was wondering if I messed something up myself. It's gonna take a while to put them all back in. RIP.
  • GTCvActium wrote: » In my honest opinion we should just remove the gender thing all together. If a balding middle aged man character wants to dress up as a pretty frilly magical girl, WE SHOULD LET THEM. Mabi is all about freedom. We should embrac…
  • If you know the MML and can read that format, or compose your own songs, you can see how many notes are used in a song. But otherwise, I'd say your best bets are rank 1 composing songs since those can hold more characters, which usually also means m…
  • I may try to get an outfit or two. Though they're not really that interesting, so not sure yet, I haven't seen this anime, either. But I guess this is a good incline to go do so. Definitely getting that fat bird though, just because it's a fat bi…
  • That'd be nice for sure! Especially when you can give them to the Meryl partner to use. I basically got her to do duets but she always messes up and I have still not managed to get her music playing skill rank to 1.
  • The background changing depending on what the current big event in game is, like the other forum had, would indeed be a nice little feature. However, I'd be the most happy if we too, had more options to change the color theme for the forum. I prefer…
  • In theory, someone who has currently posted last is the winner for as long as someone else hasn't replied yet. No matter how short-lived that can be.