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  • End-Game Damage Questions

    Derringer wrote: »
    I've been trying to figure this out for a while now, and unfortunately all of the advice out there focuses on newbies and early-game, so there's something I'm missing.

    I've watched YouTube videos and joined raids so I've seen high-level player damage numbers. I know most late-game players deal in the range of 5000-7000 damage per hit in veteran dungeons with the occasional 30-35k crit, and some players get up to 80k crits with certain skills. Meanwhile in a veteran dungeon I hit in the 1000-2000 damage range and crit for 5000. I can't figure out how to overcome this damage hurdle.

    When I've tried Googling this, reading the forums, reading Reddit posts, watching YouTube videos, and asking in-game I always get one of three answers:

    - Rank up your skills (I'm already rank 1 or dan in all relevant combat skills, masteries, and unrelated skills which grant the appropriate stat buff)
    - Improve your stats (I have over 1000 in every stat except luck)
    - Enchant your gear (I have a handful of enchants but could admittedly improve in this regard, but I can show the math that this isn't my issue)

    Here's an example damage calculation for Smash:

    - Start with a fully upgraded r6 Dustin Silver Knight Sword: 34-100 damage. With 80% balance from 1000+ DEX, I average 86.8 damage
    - I have 974 STR. At one max damage every 2.5 STR and one min damage every 3 STR, that adds 324.67 - 389.6
    - My enchants currently grant +18 max damage
    - I have a +13 max damage totem
    - Rank 1 Sword Mastery adds 10 - 20 damage
    - Rank 1 Combat Mastery adds 14 - 24 damage
    - Using "The Guardian of the Gate" title and "Professor J" second title gives +10 and +20 max damage, respectively
    - So far that totals 382.67 - 594.6
    - I'm currently doing the Grandmaster quests, so I can't add in the +30 damage for Grandmaster, but 30 isn't much compared to my current
    - With 80% balance, that's a net average damage of 552
    - Now I use Dan 2 Smash. This skill has a 580% multiplier, plus another 1.2x multiplier for using a Two-Handed weapon
    - 552 * 5.8 * 1.2 = 3842 damage per hit
    - 30% of the time I get a critical hit for +150% + 42% (r6) damage
    - 4085 * 2.92 = 11219 critical hit
    - I assume veteran dungeon monsters (e.g. Rabbie skeletons) possess something like 200 defense and 50 protection, because in practice I see half these numbers

    I then hop over to YouTube and watch someone perform a Smash, get a critical hit, and deal 37000 damage! Even if I added 100 damage with enchants (which would cost several hundred mil) I'd only add 700 damage after multipliers (2100 on crits) -- this doesn't nearly explain the 30000 gap in damage between myself and high levels.

    So what am I missing? There must be some multipliers I'm not taking advantage of. Some trick to double your damage that no one seems to discuss on the forums since they're overly concerned with advising newbies to rank their skills and buy enchants.

    I assume some of the difference in damage comes from defense shearing (Bone Dragon, Scooter Imp, Piercing, etc) but if I could remove 100% of the enemy's defense and protection I'd STILL be doing only 1/3rd of the damage I see people do online.

    I also assume some of the difference comes from buffs. Battlefield Overture can add 30% or so, Death Mark adds another 20% or so, but I don't know which other skills I should be looking into?

    I also think Techniques may have something to do with it. I haven't done G22 yet (I spend a lot of time grinding skills and playing with friends instead of focusing the story) so I don't know what powers these offer yet.

    But 30% here or 20% there doesn't add up to the 200-400% bonus damage I need to keep pace with end-game. There's SOMETHING I'm missing.

    So I'll give you a touch of advise, without the sarcasm because you seem to honestly care... The thing about it only being reforges is false, a huge part of it is your stats. A few quick things

    At endgame humans have around 1900 str, so right off the bat you're missing almost 500max damage from that, yvonna renown increases crit damage, you're also missing a ton of armor penetration from low dex which also adds a lot, missing step 7 on weapons which doesn't add the most but it's still part of the gap. You also have pretty weak enchants, and a low roll totem. The thing with getting those insane numbers is you need all the little bonuses here and there, they really add up since this game loves multipliers
  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    Habimaru wrote: »

    I'm going to drop this because you have zero idea what you're talking about. You're sitting here talking about how tech missions work when you can't even run them, let alone elite where strategy matters. Things like stacking RI and support shot to clear zombie hallway, and you also mentioned a lack of aggro control yet tenacious taunt exists as a skill, shuriken auto attacks with divine link change aggro, there's a lot. As another testament to my point, when g9 came out tail missions weren't harder than tara and on top of that shadow wizard was also harder than bft2. You have an inflated ego assuming you were the only one smart enough to be able to run bft2. If demonizing me as an elitist p2w player helps you deal with being irrelevant running outdated content go for it I'm not going to bother replying.
  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    Habimaru wrote: »
    Cautious Hero. Yes, the «clear-time» might not be as fast as it would be if I'd just wrecklessly charge into the middle, but, why would I want to do that, when I can «show-case» to everyone what «old-school tactics/strategy» was all about ? We already see plenty of everyone rushing to charge in and one-shot AoE-OHKO everything these days anyway. Time to re-live a few memories of when you actually had to think to survive and yet still be able to clear the mission before the time ran out. Does this all sound satisfactory to you ?

    Old school tactics? You mean things like "Quick everybody push it into a corner and spam windmill" or "I'll firebolt it then when it hits my defense you smash it" all that is, is rose tinted goggle nonsense. It's also funny that this opinion seems to be shared by people who can't run elite tech missions, do you know the amount of things you need to do and keep track of in elite Seven nightmares? Things like using anchor rush to I-frame the waves of damage or having one person group mobs without dying? No you don't know this because you're stuck in nostalgia from when shadow wizard elite was the hardest content the game had to offer. In revived illusion every time you die, balor gets buffed it can hit the point where he becomes impossible to kill, so you can't just "run in and aoe ohko everything" because dying sets everyone else back.

    I don't care if you can't run this to show a comparison. I do care that you're basically saying you understand game balance because you'll run content that's outdated by 5+ years as if it was a measure to current content. Your whole post just reads "Back in my day we had to walk uphill both ways through the snow" and you can't even show off what is currently the harder content because you'd time out on the mission before clearing it.
  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Can you stop this CRAP?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it's tedious to read what you type, but if it makes you feel special go for it I guess. First off, real world comparisons? Nah. Second Lars' shots have next to no power behind them, it's fast and mostly accurate that's it. Second it seems this topic really got under your skin for whatever reason, you don't need to be point blank it's the fastest dps though. Final shot and or Vision makes magnum go to 100% in under a second anyway unless you're at max range.
    Really seems like you have low damage so you don't notice a difference. What is your total level and max before buffs? I wanna know if this is worth debating or not.
  • Endgame contentent

    Ayaato wrote: »
    I'm wondering what is the endgame content of this game.
    The game itself seems so nice, full of possibilities, but after you managed to rank up all the skills, what do you have to do? I see everyone just do fashionogi so it's hard to play with a guild.
    So what can you do in endgame?

    First step I'd take is leaving these forums, and joining discord(s)