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  • Permadeath Server

    Cho wrote: »
    1. Ok so the problem with what you're saying is that there doesn't need to be story specific reasoning for a gimmick server. You're wrong. I've already explained that if you want a normal Mabinogi experience, you play on the other 4 servers. This does not take away from that.

    EDIT: Even then, is rebirthing really your character dying? When you die I would consider it a restart yet rebirthing would still be in that server so rebirthing isn't even affected. The game isn't even 100% lore accurate anymore. Read the Icebolt, Firebolt, and Lightning Bolt manuals. There's so much flavor text that doesn't apply.

    2. Second problem is you think it takes years to progress. You're wrong again. I've already stated that I have a different opinion on what significant progress means so you saying a blanket statement like "It takes years" is absolutely wrong to anyone who disagrees with that.

    3. The third paragraph you mention your feelings about how you think someone would just make the same character again. Mabinogi offers variety, it doesn't force it. If someone wants to be a boring person, they will have a boring time. If you want to do the same thing over and over repeatedly, maybe you'll have less fun in this type of server or situation.

    4. Trying to make up an unlikely scenario where someone spends years playing on a permadeath server, knowing the consequences, and has no fun doing so is a huge waste of my time and yours. This is an idea that adds to Mabi. You not wanting an addition is just denying something that could be fun for someone else to keep things the same for no reason.

    5. You mention the lag video. If that still happens, that's terrible, I'm sorry for those affected but it doesn't happen to me often if not at all in the east coast far away from the servers on average internet speeds and I want to believe I'm not the only one.

    6. Rebalancing is irrelevant. You shouldn't be thinking of Phantasm when you start out a lv1 on a new server with no items. Not being able to do 10% of content that might be the hardest content in the game doesn't invalidate the other 90% of content that is accessible. As people progress in the server, who knows what could be accomplished. I'm not going to pretend I've ran Phantasm or the have done every bit of content in the game but that doesn't invalidate the suggestion for this kind of server.

    7. Also I honestly don't care about gachas or potential Nexon's profits. If Nexon looks at my idea and says "cool! we'll do it", I trust there was someone on the team who balanced the pros and cons of implementing it. I'm not Nexon's accountant. You can think of some ideas to monetize it and contribute it to this thread but if it detracts from the heart of my idea I'll disagree with it.

    And the big main point you and everyone that comments seems to forget is that even if they quit the permadeath server, they could just return to the normal server. It's meant to be a temporary stay, not for them to keep their character permanently. I would expect that everyone on that kind of server will die eventually and if they don't then it would be impressive.

    1. But why put this into a game that specifically goes out of its way to make this untrue? That's my question. There are plenty of games in which permadeath makes sense, why ask for it in one where it doesn't?

    2. lolwut?

    3. Consider giving this a read. A lot of the fun of games comes from being given a challenge and doing your best to overcome it. If the challenge is always the same, then there's little reason for the response to change. It's not even an issue specific to games, it's just part of human behaviour; why fix what already worked fine?

    4. In the most literal sense possible this doesn't add at all. It disables a feature that's essential to the game working properly.

    5. Laughs from Europe.

    6. All of this game's non-solo content was made with the assumption that it would be challenged in groups who will help each other through it. Reviving a fallen teammate is a huge part of that, and with that gone, the difficulty of things can increase tremendously which isn't great when you're also trying to ramp up the punishment for failure.

    7. But Nexon cares about its profits. Imagine a for-profit company spending money to lower its own income. Does that sound probable to you?

    Look, if you want to abandon a character upon its first death, you're more than welcome to do that on the currently existing servers. Nobody's telling you not to find that enjoyable, we're explaining to you why a server that enforced those rules would be deserted, unprofitable, and ultimately closed down.
  • Permadeath Server

    Permadeath clashes violently with basically every aspect of mabi; heck we even have quests that REQUIRE YOU TO DIE. With the amount of work it would take to alter mabi enough to make this anymore than a frustrating, senseless waste of time, you really could have just created a new game with permadeath in mind from the start.
  • starting back up

    1. Alexina still has most players.
    2. There's always something kinda new, but honestly I can't remember exactly when it came out. I think G21 and maybe G20 are new to you. There's some other stuff here and there, giants got a buff; smash and windmill no longer have a 6 year long recovery animation, etc.
    3. I still like it well enough but this depends on why you stopped playing 2 years ago.
  • What do people like about spirit weapons?

    Zephyrmaru wrote: »
    -snipped to save space

    To paraphrase, it's a mix between sentimentality and wanting something like Eiry (though maybe not as new player focused)? that makes some sense (assuming I'm understanding correctly) but I still have to ask, why get attached to spirit weapons in particular? With the exception of Zaro, I can't think of anyone doing the same with a non-spirit weapon, so what do you think makes them more endearing than a special upgraded weapon for example?
  • Fusion Bolt

    Helsa wrote: »
    Shaeli wrote: »
    Fire+Lighting: one big hit that chains like lightning bolt and knocks down everything it hits
    Ice+Lightning: five weaker attacks that all chain and stun like lightning bolt
    Fire+Ice: one big five-charge ice-enhanced firebolt, then a four-charge, then a three-charge, then a two-charge, then a single—basically 15 for the cost of 5

    They all have their uses. It's situational.

    Fire/Lightning I totally get. So when do you use the various ice fusions?

    Fire + Ice is best for single tanky enemies. You get the single hit damage from charging firebolt with the repeated hits of icebolt.
    Ice + Lightning is best if you can kill whatever you're fighting in one or two hits. The first shot hits targets, the next hits 4 and so on. For a total of up to 15 enemies hit. It's also the quickest to charge.
    You already know about fire+lightning.

    That said, a tribolt wand kinda invalidates fusion bolt completely.