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why tail


  • TwelieTwelie
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    edited May 11, 2017
    Greta wrote: »

    i don't like the wings and tail combo.

    That's fine as that's your own opinion, but the wings and tail combo does work for other people.

    Yup. It's funny when people get triggered by how other player looks. It' just a piece of pixel... geez people... Go do something better than that.

    I mean, it all depends on context. I could bring up a number of pixels people find offensive in other contexts. That's why I don't like this argument, but I totally agree people shouldn't rage about it. It's harmless. (Well, unless you're running really really bright clashing neon flashy colours. That could actually legitimately hurt someone.)
    Not to mention entirely subjective.

    I don't like wings with tail, but power to you for making your character beautiful to you. Because in the end that's all that really matters. Now if only tails were more affordable...