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practice freebies c:

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edited July 18, 2018 in Art Creations
I recently got a new tablet (I've been drawing on my 3DS since March xD) and want to get used to it, so I'm offering freebs if anyone wants! You're welcome to request OCs, mabi+other games (like ffxiv), etc. as long as they're not animals/furries~ I'll consider couples if anyone wants since I need to learn that anyways ^^; Examples: (more on my Deviantart) ❤

Also, this isn't required at all but if you feel like it I have my FFXIV character if anyone wants to draw her (guaranteed freeb/priority) c: (I'd link my mabi character but she's kinda outdated/I want to try getting new outfits if I can figure out how to manage the game on a tablet >.<)
  1. would you be willing to pay gold for my art?19 votes
    1. yes~
       68% (13 votes)
    2. no, not my style/more practice ^^;
       21% (4 votes)
    3. price check in comments?
       11% (2 votes)