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  • LongSly wrote: » Golem "Fight" Since I couldn't summon a pet, I had a very frustrating and difficult time to get out of the circles in time. Even when I appear to be OUT of the circle, game says "No, you're still in the circle, back you go!" The t…
  • That was beautiful. I especially like how they gave a quick summary of the previous two generations; it ties everything together. Sadly I don't recognize any of those VAs, but then again, I haven't watched a lot of anime lately.
  • Jazmyn wrote: » Definitely not something to feel bad about. We all have a choice in whether we go or not, it's not like it's IMPOSSIBLE. We just would all have to give up things if we did want to go bad enough, or save up; by the sounds of it, it'…
  • Hehe, I feel bad because I'm one of the few people who can actually make it just because I live nearby. *hides 4-day pass* They have tried expanding AX to several other areas before, I think. (They tried holding AX in Japan once and that flopped.…
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » WolfandWolf wrote: » Blissfulkill wrote: » WolfandWolf wrote: » In other news, I couldn't defeat the final boss on my first try, but it wasn't because I died or anything. It's because Hasidim thought it would be coo…