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  • I personally drop my stuff in public so others can pick it up if they want. There are always snobby people.
  • I don't have it in me to grind so much but I did get puppeteer from bronze to gold, r1 every gun skill, herbalism and potion making to r1, cheated my way to blacksmith r1 with seals lol, got my musical knowledge to rank 1 (seal skipped book cause wa…
  • yeah I like that. It seems to be missing some of the ego facial expressions though.
  • oh ok, yeah that is crazy. Though I'm worried my older one is glitched since he still has old dialogue at 68 though maybe it's 2nd stage. I could try making a third one and compare the dialogue. Edit: ah ok the dialogue is different than a new on…
  • My guild always want to dungeon but we usually have more than 4 who want to. It sucks to leave someone out. Also I'm newer so I never experienced bigger parties. Please make it permanent.
  • Same happened to me. I thought it was 2 weeks and wasn't paying attention. Missed a day that gave 8 coins.
  • Yes, I'd love these changes!
  • I just came back after a 3 month break though I actually need to lvl my skills and events distract me from this. Also crap, I'm on Mari. But I play a male so hopefully they won't be too expensive...
  • Ellisya wrote: » Pomatoes wrote: » Any pro Archers out there got that Dan 3 Magnum yet...? Cause I feel like it's near impossible to do. I just barely managed the 9k points needed to hit Dan 2, but now goin for Dan 3, we needa get 12k points f…
  • I don't understand. I have been doing the firebolt test, just the normal one like 7 times. I can't get above 4.5k points. I got 5.6k by luck. My attacks almost never crit, it takes my character so long to charge the spell. It's just impossible. I ge…
  • yeah I'm having trouble with the firebolt one. Combat wasn't hard. Moved it to other post. Did firebolt like 15 times and didn't pass it. Got annoyed and did smash, passed it right away.
  • I've done it every day, and I still want it extended. I've only gotten 6 of the homestead items, and the last 4 days I didn't get anything! I wish they didn't put all this junk in the box. Kind of annoying getting so many leathers and other crap ins…