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  • This is one of the best suggestions I've seen in years and should be implemented immediately, but maybe 100 instead of 20, and get rid of autoprod caps too.
  • More options sounds nice on the surface, and work quite well in games like Starbound when you throw in the frackin' races mod to add meaningful variance in stats and movement, but this is Mabinogi we're talking about and Devcat can't balance 3 races…
  • Crims wrote: » Let us not forget the avatar exploit you did on this very freaking forum for all to see! You sir are hilarious. Careful provoking the Russian hackers, they'll rig your ele- polls!
  • The solution to archery being garbage on NA is to play a Giant, as they do not have archery and the developers don't care about problems outside of KR that involve gameplay and not the cash shop.
  • Crims wrote: » That was oddly specific. Admittedly that was based on the description, seeing it in action it seems like the chinese gold part may be redundant with how quickly it's given out to how slowly attempts are made.
  • What you guys don't like events designed for people who buy duped gold from chinese sites distribute it among their alt accounts and run auto clickers in virtual machines to get some base grade trash weapons so they can LARP they have something good?
  • Corona-chan outfit gachapon, includes all previous chinese-themed outfits, rice and bean themed caterable foods and toilet paper bombs. Bat pet, special summon ability inflicts surrounding enemies with a poison effect that spreads further to enem…
  • -> -> -> -> -> None but Anchor Rush only shines in endgame content ^ IMHO Game has lots of garbage useless skills though, every skillset except Chain needs revamped with an emphasis on every skill actually…
  • #4 is good and most of the new bosses do, but given Mabi's limitations and it's combat system, bosses need to have "bullshit mechanics" to add any semblance of difficulty to them, otherwise they're just stunlocked and the sponge HP is blown away wit…
  • Sometimes I wish Mabinogi was half as difficult as the forums believe it is, sounds pretty enjoyable. Habimaru wrote: » (and translation) apps 그만
  • Hellkaizer wrote: » I must've glanced over this, glad to see the forums don't change. It's pretty easy to make gold, but I suppose people still think 40k isn't needed, when in reality it's adding an extra 130 max if you're an elf. Granted getting …
  • Greta wrote: » Smh. I still cringe when i see someone memeing this and still using Sabina as connection to this memesword. Gotta have a fallguy when that many people are angry, that's what the US president is for when the deep state steps too f…
  • Fine Reforges have a 4.76% chance to go from rank 3 to rank 2, and a 1% chance to go from rank 2 to rank 1, I don't have the exact rates for the refined variants but you should expect to need several hundred reforges to get an item from rank 3 to ra…
  • Greta wrote: » GM what? Hearing that guy for first time. I bet he has barely any knowledge about Mabinogi. And this is how Soluna Blades get given away. What you don't realize is since the sabina incident in response to the KR playerbase's outr…
  • Darkpixie99 wrote: » So the Spirit Transformation Liqueurs won't be in this gachapon? Wonder if this means that we'll get them from events... You can mine them in Tory Ravine they're not a gachapon thing yet.
  • Hellkaizer wrote: » honestly if there was another game like mabi. I would've moved on already, but there just isn't. FFXIV boring combat, class locked, base game is super boring and the combat is still boring until max level, then it's okayish at …
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » Have you ever thought that maybe Lovely Potions were a nightmare because it only took two people to completely deplete the stock during commerce’s heyday? It's also because the forums believe anyone who clicks faster and o…
  • Generally this sort of thing can be fixed by deleting the language.pack and running the installation repair in the launcher. For some reason the patcher ignores the language updates fairly often.
  • Crims wrote: » But then again you HAVE to wonder what kind of CHEAP servers we were transferred to during last summer. Bleep your "cloud". WE DIDN'T HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE THESE FOR AGES!!! Cheap only in the sense it costs Nexon less, the Amaz…
  • It wouldn't matter if Nexon was hosting the game themselves or had it on Amazon EC2, the server code is just bad and people using CAKE prodding at it making it crash so they can rollback to dupe gacha doesn't help.