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  • Large Water Bottle

    This is one of the best suggestions I've seen in years and should be implemented immediately, but maybe 100 instead of 20, and get rid of autoprod caps too.
  • Cotton Candy Sheep Event! 5/14/20-6/4/20

    Crims wrote: »
    Let us not forget the avatar exploit you did on this very freaking forum for all to see! You sir are hilarious.

    Careful provoking the Russian hackers, they'll rig your ele- polls!
  • Every skillset has that "one skill"

    Enchant.png -> Meteor_Strike.png
    Compose.png -> Dischord.png
    Wire_Pull.png -> Act_9-_Invigorating_Encore.png
    Explosive_Kunai.png -> Shadow_Bind.png
    Anchor_Rush.png -> None but Anchor Rush only shines in endgame content

    ^ IMHO

    Game has lots of garbage useless skills though, every skillset except Chain needs revamped with an emphasis on every skill actually having a use.
  • Glimmering Wonders of Nature Box

    So the Spirit Transformation Liqueurs won't be in this gachapon?
    Wonder if this means that we'll get them from events...

    You can mine them in Tory Ravine they're not a gachapon thing yet.
  • We need mysterious reforges

    Have you ever thought that maybe Lovely Potions were a nightmare because it only took two people to completely deplete the stock during commerce’s heyday?

    It's also because the forums believe anyone who clicks faster and or has lower latency than them is hacking, any macro is a bot, any mule is a bot, any newbie who doesn't talk to them ingame because they're on voip with someone else is a bot, and so on.

    As for the Mysterious Reforge it's self, the game's content is as I've mentioned in several posts now, balanced around having reforged gear now, aka the Mysterious Reforge as it's the intended ingame option to reforge your gear. At the time it was added none of the content really required having reforged gear, but clearly that was done to give players time TO reforge their gear before making content balanced around reforges making gear another progression system aside from skill ranks and stats.

    Nexon NA has instead decided in removing the means to reforge ingame that the content designed around reforges should be paywalled, because if a player sticks around long enough to have the stats for late game content we may as well milk them for cash and give them no other option to obtain the gear for late game content. which has lead a plague of over six million threads demanding content be made easier in the suggestions and feedback forum.

    They can get away with this in America though because wealth shaming is part of the culture, if something was designed and implemented to be free but changed to be paywalled enough people will mindlessly insist that anyone who takes issue with it is "JUST TOO POOR BRO" so it's easy for Nexon to get away with here without officially justifying it laughing all the way to the bank.
    Personally? I'm not a fan of flushing my cash down the toilet on virtual gambling with no physical payout, so I just pay the gold premium for items with reforge lines I want already on them being sold by other players, and use the event scraps if I want to reforge an item I already have. I could drop $4,000 on reforges for more charging strike damage sure, or I could buy a Threadripper 3990X which will pay for it's self and generate more money because certain datasets like that extra clock speed over a dual EPYC system's additional cores. I have to bring this up not because it's relevant to the topic or as a humblebrag but because my argument against something free being turned into something paywalled will simply be dismissed without "verification" of personal wealth via "YOU'RE JUST TOO POOR BRO".

    I would go deeper into the gamble aspect but the post is too long already.

    TL;DR: Reforging was designed to be free ingame with the option to pay for better rolls on average, NA has broken the game balance and paywalled content by removing the Mysterious Reforge.