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  • Not even 5 minutes and someone got the legend weap

    What you guys don't like events designed for people who buy duped gold from chinese sites distribute it among their alt accounts and run auto clickers in virtual machines to get some base grade trash weapons so they can LARP they have something good?
  • We need mysterious reforges

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    I must've glanced over this, glad to see the forums don't change. It's pretty easy to make gold, but I suppose people still think 40k isn't needed, when in reality it's adding an extra 130 max if you're an elf. Granted getting to 40k isn't exactly easy, but it's still one of the largest damage boosts you can get as well as getting an echostone too.

    Really even getting 40k isn't that hard now:
    less than 3 years of casual play on this character, leveling has been totally trivialized since baltane and blaanid combined with all the rebirth and forgetful potion handouts combined with the endless barrage of baltane elite passes and 2x exp from fishing or straight up afk handout events, oh and the buff to GM cleric making it give a free 50% mob exp in parties.
  • We need mysterious reforges

    Have you ever thought that maybe Lovely Potions were a nightmare because it only took two people to completely deplete the stock during commerce’s heyday?

    It's also because the forums believe anyone who clicks faster and or has lower latency than them is hacking, any macro is a bot, any mule is a bot, any newbie who doesn't talk to them ingame because they're on voip with someone else is a bot, and so on.

    As for the Mysterious Reforge it's self, the game's content is as I've mentioned in several posts now, balanced around having reforged gear now, aka the Mysterious Reforge as it's the intended ingame option to reforge your gear. At the time it was added none of the content really required having reforged gear, but clearly that was done to give players time TO reforge their gear before making content balanced around reforges making gear another progression system aside from skill ranks and stats.

    Nexon NA has instead decided in removing the means to reforge ingame that the content designed around reforges should be paywalled, because if a player sticks around long enough to have the stats for late game content we may as well milk them for cash and give them no other option to obtain the gear for late game content. which has lead a plague of over six million threads demanding content be made easier in the suggestions and feedback forum.

    They can get away with this in America though because wealth shaming is part of the culture, if something was designed and implemented to be free but changed to be paywalled enough people will mindlessly insist that anyone who takes issue with it is "JUST TOO POOR BRO" so it's easy for Nexon to get away with here without officially justifying it laughing all the way to the bank.
    Personally? I'm not a fan of flushing my cash down the toilet on virtual gambling with no physical payout, so I just pay the gold premium for items with reforge lines I want already on them being sold by other players, and use the event scraps if I want to reforge an item I already have. I could drop $4,000 on reforges for more charging strike damage sure, or I could buy a Threadripper 3990X which will pay for it's self and generate more money because certain datasets like that extra clock speed over a dual EPYC system's additional cores. I have to bring this up not because it's relevant to the topic or as a humblebrag but because my argument against something free being turned into something paywalled will simply be dismissed without "verification" of personal wealth via "YOU'RE JUST TOO POOR BRO".

    I would go deeper into the gamble aspect but the post is too long already.

    TL;DR: Reforging was designed to be free ingame with the option to pay for better rolls on average, NA has broken the game balance and paywalled content by removing the Mysterious Reforge.
  • Elves/Giants, Execute Order 66.

    Alshian wrote: »
    Better fix that mindset now because final hit is not at the top anymore but rather at least 3rd or 4th place in the "game breaking" department, fighter with Perseus Tormented Knuckles is now at the top of being game breaking.

    No mindset to "fix", FH is the top CENTRALIZING skill in the game, Perseus knuckle is amazing but the massive SINGLE TARGET dps it can generate is still reliant on rng cooldown resets, FH is [CONSISTENT] in it's high single target damage, FH was less than mag spam (if you live next to the amazon datacenter in oregon, or cali before nexon moved mabi to amazon ec2) even before the new knuckles anyway, but it isn't just being a good single target DPS that makes FH so centralizing, it's the fact 2h swords got piercing levels and piercing level boosting enchants, and then divine blade and soluna came along giving a 90% splash damage ratio up from Fanatic's 70% (which is still a 280% splash damage rate, more than r1 Windmill but less than dan 3), and erg came along after and boosted their splash radius to insane levels that make every hit of FH not only have a larger radius than Windmill at age 17 but also come in at a high damage multiplier of 360% (400% on main target still), and remember you hit every 0.4 seconds without relentless assault and can go even faster with it on hitting every 0.3 seconds for a potential 70 seconds of duration with reforges and only 50 seconds of downtime when combined with the cooldown reforge.

    With that in mind, consider that newer content's normal spawns are getting more and more defense and protection, good as Perseus knuckle is on a boss after some lovetaps with Brionac and kisses from a couple dragons, that isn't a valid tactic on the rest of the mission's spawns even if Brionac did reduce protection of all non-boss monsters, FH with a piercing 2h however is a very valid AOE for dealing with normal spawns with high defense and protection, especially combined with the new ego bleed passive, ontop of the 4 piercing levels you can get on a divine blade via solitude enchant w/o needing to buy a single gachapon ignore 30 def/20 prot, the bleed is 870% of your max damage over it's 30 second duration (29 ticks of 30%) which ignores monster defense and protection, the bleed is only 10% chance on hit to activate however due to the speed FH hits at it's pretty much a guarantee, the check is also per monster splashed. Of course you're not even going to be hitting normal spawns for 30 seconds with that kind of gear for FH even in Feth Elite, but the bleed is just that much more ontop of the huge AOE damage FH is doing already which brings me to:
    Greta wrote: »
    Giant Full Swing Attack bro... Send flying mobs away and leaves FH in dust. They also got Giant FH version. Why no one is moaning over that?

    Full Swing is no comparison for FH as an AOE in the DPS department, the single hit damage is higher and the radius is a bit larger than an erg 50 2h sword but there's a short stun on you after firing the skill based on weapon attack speed, the only good weapons for using Full Swing are all Very-Slow, combine this with the fact you have to use the skill at the proper time in the minigame to actually do full damage and it's considerably lower AOE DPS than Final Hit, ontop of that none of the 2h Axes or Hammers that exist in the game currently have piercing levels, you don't get to ignore 20% protection with Full Swing on normal spawns like you do with Final Hit. Also unlike Final Hit, Full Swing is effectively useless as a single target damage option, losing out to bash or even just smashing.

    "But giants have FH too" you say, but in that sentence you reveal that you've never played a giant and likely have never even run a mission with one because you would IMMEDIATELY realize Final Strike's agonizing and crippling "warm up" taking 2 seconds of downtime between the first 4 hits, 1 second between the next 6, before finally getting to it's max speed of 0.5 seconds per hit (unaffected by relentless assault) for the rest of the duration, reforges put the duration and cooldown in line with Final Hit at 70s duration and 50s cooldown, and on paper Final Strike looks pretty good with that "700% damage, boosted with 2 handed weapons" on the skill window (which translates to a 1.2x boost like smash with a 2h for 840% per hit), but in practice it fails to compare due to the slow startup and slow attacks that can't been sped up, but it isn't just the 2 handed multiplier boost Final Strike shares with Smash, it also shares the fixed splash damage ratio of 20% the skill damage, unlike Final Hit which is splashing 360% with a Divine Blade or 280% with a Fanatic/Borealis, Final Strike will only deal 168% to splashed targets making it a complete noodle for use as an AOE in the way FH excels, Devcat very clearly was aware of FH's centralization and designed Final Strike to be crippled as an AOE and only have use in being a single target damage skill, something Giants were lacking in before it and then later Perseus knuckles, it's only saving grace now is that it ignores the 50% damage reduction from Heavy Stander auto-defense activations (but not the passive damage reduction) later game Rev and Pers knuckles will deprecate Final Strike for a Giant, but they won't deprecate Final Hit on a human because it's still a massively powerful AOE and gives high boss damage without needing to invest into a half billion-4 billion gold weapon and give up an equip slot.

    All that being said, Giants having the combination of having access to Final Strike and Full Swing both shouldn't be entirely snuffed at, it makes them significantly superior to playing an Elf if you're not living next to the server as I've explained many times in past posts, and late game Giant is basically immune to damage with the correct armor, stats, and technique combinations short of crits and boss hits in Tech Duinn elites, but the fact is you're combining access to two skills which individually are both worse for their use cases than Final Hit, two skills which I might add require separate gear, you don't just need FH cooldown helm + duration armor on a Giant, you need either TWO helms with Wind Guard cooldown and Final Strike cooldown, a miracle to roll usable levels of both on the same line, or one on a helm and the other on an echostone losing your chance for sword/blunt/axe/combat max on the echostone slot, Final Strike duration on your armor, and Wind Guard duration on your gauntlets which similar to the red echostone issue prevents you getting weapon/combat max lines there unless you get double roll miracle rng, but that isn't all you're going to need a piercing 2h sword+shield for Final Striking with, particularly if you want it to do any worthwile damage to minibosses that can't be sheered like Soaring Legs, and you also need a 2h Axe or 2h Hammer, this all need enchanted and the Axe/Hammer will need Giant Fullswing Exclusive damage reforge if you want Full Swing to be anything more than a wet noodle, or you can get it on a silver echostone, but you have to decide then if you want to give up your boot reforge slot for Full Swing Exclusive range.

    So effectively you're looking at a full gear set, fully reforged including echostones to use two skills that are worse than Final Hit which requires 1 sword 1 helm 1 armor for peak effectiveness, but really you're going to end up replacing the Final Strike gear for fighter gear and knuckles anyway.

    But ya'll gunna sit here trying to tell me FH isn't a centralizing skill that completely trivializes all content situations and claim "chain sweep" is the "most broken thing in the game and removes all need for strategy" like red fox man LOL. The only counter to FH is a mob that's immune to melee damage.
    Alshian wrote: »
    What I like to cry about is how pathetic gunners had become and now its below alchemy of all talents. Way of the gun is it's only redeeming use for some situations.

    Guns are trash now outside of frenzy, no pierce, long cooldowns even with erg, lackluster ego bonuses, trash scaling, even frenzy is trash because everything else is a better single target dps. I personally demand a shooter buff and believe we as a community should collectively post more threads about it in feedback than alexina merge threads! (tm)
  • Elves/Giants, Execute Order 66.

    We got fed up with Final Hit being so centralizing and game breaking.
    Radiant DawnAlshianWolfsingerSherriPolicroma