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  • Why are they not house items?
  • I can't bring myself to give up my wisteria house to be honest... We need more *indoor* furniture, Nexon. You know, to decorate the *indoors* of our houses. (Though that magic-themed one gave us a lot more to work with.)
  • While I like the new items, I'm kind of disappointed there weren't more homestead items available in there... I mean, it's called the secret *GARDEN* gacha. The "throwaways" should have been homestead/house items like previous flowers or trees or st…
  • I think in general the expiring consumables are a nuisance. Just a pile of consolation prizes that expire in our inventories, clogging them up unless we manually throw them out. It's either that or wait until they expire just to hit the auto-trash b…
  • Honestly the merchandise wasn't a bad idea, but there wasn't a lot to start with. I think t-shirts might have been a better starting point than pop-sockets, but that's just me. (There are companies out there that do them made-to-order so you don't h…
  • Helsa wrote: » Dragoolfire wrote: » I am a «Pack-Rat/Collector» who has more «Stuff» to collect for my Mabinogi-Life... OMG that is sooooo the case for pretty much all of us. In my own case, I'm not too many events away from me exploding, wi…
  • They are separate items because they are literally different from their predecessors. They are: 1. Smaller. They are about 1/2 the height of their normal counterparts. 2. Don't have any buffs unless explicitly stated. Now that said, I'd *l…
  • The "electronic gizmo" you refer to is the store billing system. At most retailers, you cannot proceed with the purchase unless they scan the card to activate it. I have never had issues with Karma Koin, even at the sketchiest-looking Walgreens. …
  • People who rebirth frequently at young ages use the age pots to appear a different age than the one they're playing at.
  • The test was painful, but you'll eventually pass it. Some pass it quicker than others, and even though the test was designed to keep us pesky elves from getting too powerful, elves have a much easier time than humans. (I would NOT want to do this te…
  • Fleta is still spawning. I haven't found her near the crossroads, but more often in the middle of a field.
  • PlatinaKoki wrote: » And no, whoeverownsSwordArtOnline can't copyright the term "67th floor". Sure they can, but that doesn't stop Nexon from just releasing a renamed version of it. *shrug*
  • Dragoneartus wrote: » I'm aware as I have also played for years, but I've never seen these alts go beyond eggs myself. So I am assuming that most of them don't do anything with them. There will always be someone or some people that will always b…
  • The event isn't all that, but I dunno if it's worth cancelling it. I do wish they'd crack down on how many alts people can use for events however. I feel like the servers are flooded with those little eggs every time there's an event in an area. …
  • Personally, if I drop something I'm done with it. And if somebody drops a pile of gems that's free ego food. Following somebody around might get you some weird looks though. The only time I was ever miffed at somebody picking up items I was dr…
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » Policroma wrote: » I'm a level 18k elf and I "only" used 35 stones. I regret nothing Policroma. I admit, I laughed.
  • Should be able to grab one more aurora before the end.