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  • Yorozuya / Alexina / 11 AM - 12 PM this sounds like fun!
  • Applies to any race: - divine link - get your pet to auto attack the doppel to 'stun' the regen, since it cant regen when it's being dmg'd - kill the clones, they buff the main doppel with def and prot and thus lower both your wounding rate and d…
  • I'm not entirely sure, but she might be one of those NPC's that only appear after you do a storyline quest. So yea, you should try finishing g16 first.
  • Amelina wrote: » I mean Dian was another Goddess, and she was the one who wanted to make sure Gods were gone. So if anything it was her who caused it all. That story though XD I definitely would love to see in G21 a moment where the Milleti…
  • Would be nice if they explain Falias' Gatekeeper, and the other cities of the gods that Tarlach/Milia mentioned. **Potential G22 Spoiler** I know from SK another one pops up in, and a big one too. I think it was Hymerark... or was it Jeamiderark?…
  • One thing, it took me nearly an hour (maybe more?) to kill this guy. And when I looked at other people's playthroughs, they took an ***load of time themselves. So don't get too impatient, this doppelganger is super tanky and they recognize that by g…
  • I think adding (U) for unisex would be more useful, since most clothes are already obvious in their name or look. Tho, I rather have the option to remove the gender restrictions. I find so many of the (F) options skimpy, or just less cool looking…
  • Congratz, nice to see people having fun with this. And heh, I forgot icespear doesn't freeze you with Defense... welp, I lived anyway. Thanks for posting the video, regardless of the sub-par quality - It'll likely help others who won't be able…
  • I killed with melee - My Dex and Will were high enough that, with my focused rainbows, my injury rate was always at least 80%~100%. Then whenever I had trans, my injuring went up to 100%~100%. I am a human, however, so FH and bash helped. Still t…
  • Well, for new characters they implemented a bunch of benefits. One of the more well-known ones is being able to reset all skills to 0, and rb everyday if you're under 1k CLvl So some people rank up certain skills to r1, gain all the AP given per …
  • Well, I'm gonna add to the tactics, since I found this thread helped me a lot and people are posting them here. Thanks, btw, to the people who posted their strategies, notes and videos here and on youtube, they really help me plan out my 2nd (and su…
  • ^Thank you! I didn't know there was something similar looking. Thanks for clarifying ^^