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  • Kokoro wrote: » Aww that sucks... Hope you guys like Dustin Silver Knight Armours and Claymores. I'll be making a million of those... Same, already started duping the ingots with synthesis.
  • Opalthira wrote: » The coupon probably are like style tab and expire. They do, 30 days before expiration.
  • Well, I figured there would be another gachapon, but I didn't think they would add the extra equipment slot feature as well. I doubt I will get it, but I am interested if others will buy the coupon(s) to use it. Also, I keep seeing the announceme…
  • Well, the Midsummer Box is the only thing that ends today, that I can tell, so hopefully it's not just another gachapon sale and nothing else. But, since some are going back to school, there might be a "Back to School" event of some sort, or not.
  • Ehh, I feel like that would only work if the current GM effect stayed and the "True" GM effect was an improved/better version of the current GM effect. Take GM Cleric, I guess, for an example. Since the GM effect is [Pet combat exp and Party comb…
  • My Giant's name is Ishia in Ruairi. Don't mind playing with others, just a leisure giant really.
  • Here's the Gift box on my Giant character if anyone was wondering. I already had a Giant so that's my reasoning.
  • Well, this is what I get when I did it.
  • Gaea wrote: » Arjune wrote: » Gaea wrote: » It's an expression, jesus. just teasing you lol Well sometimes I don't know if people are joking or if they are triggered on here. lol. To be honest, I gave up trying to tell and just talk…
  • Opalthira wrote: » Honestly i can see where you are coming from this but, there are nearly a thousand of items in Mabi and for some of them they would have to edit them up to three times. Thats just clothing, theres all the other assests they wou…
  • The elite boxes are from that new event, but I'm guessing you know that by now. Though the timing is curious.
  • Arjune wrote: » Grea wrote: » Arjune wrote: » I had to find out what this does from a friend on discord Could you tell me then? Was thinking of making a new Liberty Saber if the effect was decent. I was told the effect can add another …
  • Arjune wrote: » I had to find out what this does from a friend on discord Could you tell me then? Was thinking of making a new Liberty Saber if the effect was decent.
  • Yeah, it's rather annoying and I couldn't find any details about during the time. My only guess, and yet I still doubt this, is that maybe we can finally make equipment with an X-grade possibly by some minor low % chance, or just some bonus durabili…
  • Not sure why it quoted my comment so I'll edit this one I guess. You would think the tailoring effect would affect that minigame or improve the production of clothes like the blacksmithing one, but only having a chance of not using the materials do…
  • Raishii wrote: » Hinotama wrote: » Cleric's effect doesn't help with healing, but gives more exp to pets and players. That's not that great to be honest. That's a good thing. That means they realize how redundant healing is in this game. I…
  • I'll keep that in mind and tell my little sister since she hasn't done the dungeon yet. Also, is that Shinobu from Love Hina? Looks like it.
  • Maia wrote: » And they expire. But, in another gachapon a few days before they actually expire, it will have a permanent wing coupon for those wings only.
  • watercat0 wrote: » Today angel wings tomorrow Dominions wings the highest in ranking: example May as well make those wings have a buff skill that mitigates damage, but then create a new raid boss that just has one-shot moves that only th…
  • It does feel like they over killed it on the wings. I mean, should there really be 24 pages of wings in the Dressing room? And most of them are the same wings in different colors. It's rather sad, for me anyway, that there are more wings than robes;…