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  • Ataraxiz wrote: » Mirokujin wrote: » The community is small for a reason, the game is trash right now. I don't have much of a problem with mabi's graphics, its the lack of combat content. Only like 12 people play smh Kek this amuses me. If …
  • Siodhan wrote: » Go troll somewhere else. Weeb? Read a definition. The only problem with this game's graphics are that they barely changed from its inception. If you're telling us after 13 years of mabinogi KR that you don't like the style of t…
  • Cause this game could be good if it dropped the weeb content. I want to be hype over new world bosses, not disappointed to log on and see nothing but useless fashion items. It's just trash content. But just enough of you weebs eat it up to the point…
  • I did all I could do. I can't save this game; the weebs out number me ;( Yeet'th
  • nomigid15 wrote: » I've seen the trailer, and the mobile game looks pretty animesque too (though definitely a lot smoother). I mean like items and content wise, it should be less weeby. More weapon types and classes, less wings and reforges. Mo…
  • Negumiko wrote: » I don't have a problem with the way mabinogi looks. the graphic may look anime like and they may be old but it fits the game quite well. the bigger issues with mabi are the many bugs it has and lag is just getting worst. maybe it…
  • Sebastian wrote: » Mirokujin wrote: » I mean players bought plat early on for various reasons. Some thought game was p2w, some bought some when it was close to beta. I am saying now it's pointless to buy plat since it's already circulating. I ca…
  • I mean players bought plat early on for various reasons. Some thought game was p2w, some bought some when it was close to beta. I am saying now it's pointless to buy plat since it's already circulating. I can make the same amount of plat you can buy…
  • That only needs one player to buy plat though.
  • Warframe gives the 50 starting plat and then you trade your first prime part you get to some1 for plat. Then your 50 is usable + what ever you made in the trade lol. And a game should not have less content because a group of its fanbase doesn't have…
  • Warframe isn't slow. And every1 starts with 50 plat so it came from somewhere. I am not saying there shouldn't be in-game purchases. Ik mabi needs money. I am saying gacha and fashion just is a trash way to do it. They should invest in something muc…
  • The fashion don't even make sense. Why have fake wings. Wings should be a skill that changes appearance like trans does. And half the stuff that comes out just doesn't fit in with the environment. It's dumb.
  • Woah if u use buy platnium you're dumb. In warframe you get plat by selling your prime parts to players. There is an actual good market. I haven't met a player who bought plat or has need to buy plat for anything on there.
  • Thats just dumb, game should be good like it use to be. They even changed their slogan from "Fantasy Life" to "Anime Life". Fashion/Anime stuff is cancerous trash that ruined this game.
  • Thats a good idea as long as the mobs arent trash. The mobs look no where near scary lol and most just can be final hit'ed
  • Warframe is still up and running and theres no trash gacha.
  • I only play hoping the game gets fun like it use to be.
  • Nah this game is just tresh. They afk because theres nothing to do on the game. I'm not gonna praise the gacha buyers cause a game shouldn't have to rely on afkers to keep their game up. And those little once every season events aren't enough.
  • So what im seeing is, this game is prtty bad. It's only running cause of gachas but nexon dont feel like adding good content cause, no point if they still making money on gachas. Other mmo's have found ways to stay up and still have good content, ma…
  • People would must defiantly pay for passes to op dungeon that give near with new types of reforging. Its not like its auto pay to win because the dungeon should be near impossible. The people who are paying for gachas are the same people who have no…