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  • The Glorious Glyphwright Contest would be fun to bring back. You could even do a theme.
  • I would really like the Ocean Traveler Pet Box to come back! I wasn't playing when that event came out and seeing all these whales has made me extremely envious. You could even bring it back with the Deep Sea Merfolk Fishbowl gacha to have an ocean…
  • Honestly, there's a few obscure skills I have ranked that really don't have any useful functions anymore (if they ever did). Would be interesting to see some sort of use for them, even it's just getting a new skill.
  • Technically our dual-wield skill is the ability to shoot 2 arrows at once. However since this causes us to have a higher miss chance, I don't really see it as a feature. While I like the idea of dual-magic, I don't see it being efficient in the cur…
  • I think this would be a fabulous idea. I'm a sucker for summoning skills and this would just be a fun way to integrating monster hunting into a more fun version of pet training. This is honestly what I was thinking the skill was going to be like fo…
  • The artisan upgrade shouldn't lock you out from continuing to upgrade. Since Weiss' enhancement isn't an artisan you should be able to use both.
  • Hey! I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble enchanting a lot of newer items. A few things I want to note are first, wings and tails have their own set of enchants and can't be enchanted with normal enchants. Some items in the game only have certain…