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  • Unpopular Opinion

    Personally I took "BFO" to mean Battlefield Overture and "MA" to mean Magic Attack like real players do... But obviously some people on these forums think I am stupid, so whatever?
  • VIP/Premium Update

    VIP Service

    You will receive all the benefits of Premium Service.

    You can create a guild. - Don't care
    You can lease a house from the Housing channel. - Don't care
    You will receive a birthday present from Nao on the character's birthday. - Don't care
    You can use all premium gestures. - Don't care
    The camping penalty is removed. - Don't care
    You can revive in town without the EXP penalty. - Don't care
    You will receive an additional 10% Combat EXP.- Eh
    You will gain 2.5x equipment proficiency. - Don't care
    The VIP Inventory tab will be available to you. - Don't care
    There is no fee when withdrawing a check.- Eh
    There is no fee when withdrawing a Guild Check. - Don't care
    You will no longer receive a logout penalty when commercing. - Don't care
    You can rent a Taillteann Farm. - Don't care

    VIP Exclusive Benefits
    You will receive an additional 30% for quest EXP.- Eh
    You will receive a daily Advanced Play item. - Don't care
    You can choose to get the Advanced Play item designated for the day, or you can choose to draw one randomly. - Don't care
    You can receive all of the Advanced Play items from all of your characters on your account, via a Bank. - Don't care
    You can use Nao's Resurrection without the use of Nao's stones 3 times a day. - Don't care
    You will have unlimited Continent Warp. - Don't care
    You can list an item in the Auction House for 60 hours. - Don't care
    There is an Auction House fee discount (transaction fee is decreased to 4%). - Don't care
    Combo Cards do not expire. - Don't care
    You have free access to the Style Tab. - Don't care
    The Echostone Tab will not expire. - Don't care
    The cooldown when changing a talent title is removed. - Don't care
    Durability of items decay 25% slower.- Eh
    There are VIP-exclusive Shadow Missions. - Don't care
    There is 5 additional Auction House slots for you to use. - Eh
    The amount of gold that you can store in a check is increased to 40 million. - Don't care
    If you have a house leased in your homestead, you will have an additional Auction House slot. - Don't care
    You will get a free extension to your Homestead Housing lease. - Don't care
    You can use the Traveler's Guide without gold usage. - Don't care
    The gold limit for a personal shop is increased to 20 million gold. - Don't care

    Greta wrote: »
    Nothing real important here then...

    What did you expect though?

    I expect nothing, because I don't need the pay service. It doesn't help my game play.

    It does if you read it, which you seem having trouble to. VIP users have many perks over usual player who doesn't pay.

    Yes I read everything and this is my opinion, ergo, not important to me...
  • [UPDATE] Addition of Sales Tax When Purchasing NX

    Trump is still stupid!
  • @nexon

    Wow, someone needs to learn how to make sentences...
  • Bring Back The Gypsy Talent Title

    With older Disney movies, there wasn't as much care about being offensive. Sorry for going off topic. But say you watch Fantasia (1940 film), if you notice the female Centaurs, enough said. I miss the old days were you could actually say what ever you want to.