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  • few freebs

    Mizuko wrote: »
    Here is my OC if this interests you.

    here you go, boop
  • few freebs

    Imaizumi wrote: »

    Here's my character in some outfits if she happens to interest you c:

    Thank you for the opportunity and hope you've been well :D

    HI U, figured you'd show up <3
    It's still hot as hecky in my house, so I'll start on them later tonight/tomorrow :^)
  • few freebs

    Nao - Mewbun // Discord - UnicornSlaughter#8750

    Apparently it's been 2 years since I last came here, hey. Just started playing again and need a few characters to draw for practice/samples before possibly doing commissions because I'm broke as heck and don't know what I'm doing anymore.

    Pls post your references for consideration or do so on discord since that seems to be the thing now. Will only be drawing 2 or 3 probably tyty
  • i made a commission thread

    mintiel wrote: »
    Uhh can I just get mod to delete this because i don't think anyone really likes my stuff enough to pay for it and all it's doing is giving me needless anxiety throughout the day to the point it was hard to work so uhhh maybe it's just best i leave and stop while i'm ahead and people can just pretend this didn't exist i'm sorry............
    I feel it qq
    These forums really just aren't that lively. Your art is fine. You have no reason to be sorry. Everyone here, at least every one I've come across, is very nice. So, you really don't need to worry. Your thread was probably just overlooked.
    But I totally understand the feeling since it's happened to me before. I just edited my post and completely cleaned it all off. And now you can even change the title too.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your lineless cheebs are so cute <3

  • S> Art, again(open)

    Imaizumi wrote: »
    I don't mind how fast it takes, and simple or not, both are fine with me ^^ More detail (less simple?) is generally a plus in my book, but do what you think is best :D
    hihi here's your first WIP finally.
    Few questions- What do you want me to do with the chest area? Boobs on chibis are always confusing to me. qq Should I make them smaller, practically flat, or?
    And what do you want me to do with the white dress part? Since you want just skin on the midsection. Do I turn it into a sheer skirt underneath or eliminate it altogether?