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TFW> You wanna train but don't wanna do anything.


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"I love my guild. There's nothing better than spending time around the best people on Mari!" - Ataraxiz
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♥ Leader of Electrolytes ♥ I'm married to the my best friend from Mabi. I love my guild, my cat, the color pink, and hard work!
  • We may have missed the milestone guys.

    This is interesting o.O Nice job well done!
  • Looking for new friends/mentors

    Anything I can do to help ya out sweetheart ❤
  • Looking for new friends/mentors

    Haii there~

    That totally sucks that your guild was empty and your friends were gone D;!! Let's fix that, yeah??!!!!

    My name is Ata, and I help my husband run a guild called Electrolytes :3 Electrolytes is a extremely well-rounded and friendly guild that was founded earlier this year and has been ever-increasing since. Our member base is almost right at 50 and our activity levels are usually between 10 and 20.

    We have a highly popular Discord channel that has now 66 members and is growing more everyday. This is my personal Discord server, separate from the guild-only one. This server is extremely active, and has plenty of people for you to befriend!! Voice chat is completely optional, so feel free to hop in if you'd like.

    For more information, I'll throw down our Recruitment thread for you below. Be sure to look for the only requirement, the secret word.

    I hope you find many new friends and a guild that you can enjoy, even if that's not my own :3 Good luck!!

    Electrolytes Recruitment Thread:
  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    Today we recruited another member, and we recruited two others yesterday. Electrolytes is expanding quickly and we are becoming even more vast in diversity. We're quickly reaching 50 members, all active except a few who have notified us as to why they are not able to get online.

    Situations happen, and life is more important than Mabinogi :3 We understand if you cannot be around at all times ^~^

    A meeting will be held sometime this week, probably Saturday before the banquet to cover new material and get opinions from the newer half of the group. I can't wait to expose the new information ^~^!! Truly exciting things ahead!!

    I hope all hurricane victims are safe and sound. I know my area is still getting hit pretty hard. Jose is also coming down the line and is predicted to be a category 2. Let's all try to stay safe in this horrible time!

    Tomorrow we will try to host some events. I will update you guys on those asap :3 Thanks for your time!!
  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    9/9/17 - Electrolytes Daily Event: SMs

    Last night we enjoyed some SMs with the group. Everyone did a great job. Wish I could have come along but I got spit out when the SM began lol. We had an amazing turn outwith attendance for the banquet. At least 7 people attended the banquet with us, and we had 19 members online, which astonishes me over all. Thank you so much to those who attended ♥!

    We will be getting back into the habit of events, and later this week we may host an event in the name of those who are dealing with the devastating hurricanes. I hope everyone is safe and can return to their normal lives as soon as possible! We will see you guys soon, have a good afternoon!