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TFW> You wanna train but don't wanna do anything.


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"I love my guild. There's nothing better than spending time around the best people on Mari!" - Ataraxiz
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♥ Leader of Electrolytes ♥ I'm married to the my best friend from Mabi. I love my guild, my cat, the color pink, and hard work!
  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    Electrolytes Daily Event: Basic Dungeons!

    Today's Electrolytes Daily Event is Basic Dungeons!

    Come chill out with us as we take care of those Mission points before we hit up the banquet! Tonight, we're going to party hard as we soar through Dungeons, train those skills, and introduce new tactics to our newest members! (Please be mindful the difficulty of the dungeon depends on the participants of the party! It is not set at basic!) The amount of runs we do varies depending on how much time before the banquet we have and if we decide to carry on after the banquet! We will begin @ 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 5PM PST, and we will meet in Dunbarton Ch5 prior to the runs to decide what dungeons and what difficulty to run. Let us know in-game or here on the forums if you'd like to participate!

    Update: Tonight was a fun night, we ran Alby together for the mission points. Everyone did great, so proud of you!


    Banquet: Tonight Electrolytes will be attending the banquet in Rath Royal Castle in Tara @ 10PM EST, 9PM CST, 7PM PST! If you want to come hang out with us and meet some of our members, this is a great time to do so! We will be on Ch5, so be sure to drop in and say hello while we chatter and fill up the Castle with beautiful music and friendly chatter! We'll be waiting for you!

    Update: The banquet was a quiet one tonight as most members were enjoying their last bits of summer with their friends, family, and others were at work. Some members start college soon <3 Go get em guys!

    We gained a new member tonight! Welcome, Xeno! Glad you decided to join us :3
  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    Complete - Electrolytes Daily Event: Alban Knights!

    Sorry for the extremely late post! I've been resting after a long week and much missed sleep. I will get you another update on Today's event later on this evening!

    Good morning early birds and those who wake up later!
  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    Electrolytes Daily Event: Elite SM Spam!

    Today's Electrolytes Daily Event is Elite SM Spam!

    Tonight we will be doing SMs, but not only that, we will be spamming Elites for some EXP out of request from one of our members, who is in dire need of levels! Be sure to bring those passes and join in for some monster-bashing fun! We will be meeting in Tail on Ch5 @ 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 5PM PST, so come on down for some fun! We'll be expecting you!

    Update: Today, we enjoyed some group SMs and attempted to get those much needed levels! Congratulations to those who participated!


    We will be having an update to our thread soon that will include some new information about the guild, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest of updates! If you have questions or concerns, please direct it to an admin for clarification! Tankies!
  • K-Pop MMO

    Kokoro wrote: »
    pawcalypse wrote: »
    Ataraxiz wrote: »
    pawcalypse wrote: »
    The idea popped up when I remember you can get 2NE1 costumes and props in Mabinogi. I wish there would be more k-pop bands that get in Mabinogi.

    WAT?! SEND SEND!!!!

    I remember the Pop Star Set and Rock Star Set is just a few versions of it. The Luxurious Stage Punch Glove and Cute Metallic Maracas are the render weapons that 2NE1 used in some of their music videos. They were part of an old event.

    KR had 2NE1 wigs as well which never came across. You can use them in the simulator.

    It's every K-pop lover's must-have!!

  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    Complete - Electrolytes Daily Event: Martial Arts!

    Today's Electrolytes Daily Event is Martial Arts!

    Today we will be doing MA! Woo! Come join us in Avon on Ch5 @ 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 5PM PST for some dramatic action! If you need a ride to Avon, head to Dunbarton and let us know! We will pick you up!

    Update: We had plenty of people show up for this event! We enjoyed a run of MA and then went and took care of those Mission Points and Giant training! Good job everyone!


    If you need help.with anything, generations, SMs, Dailies, or anything game or something personal, we are by your side! Mission points are a breeze when you have so much support under your feet and others are helping out! Let us know if we can help you with anything!